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Attorney Sanjay Mathur of Mathur Law Offices Selected as 10 Best in Texas for Client Satisfaction of 2017

Our firm, Mathur Law Offices, is thrilled to announce our very own Attorney Sanjay Mathur has been selected as part of the 10 Best in Texas for Client Satisfaction of 2017, an award delegated by the ...
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Uncontested and Contested Divorces: What are the Differences?

Regardless of the reasons that you and your spouse are pursuing a divorce, sometimes splitting up really is the best way to have a happy ending. For many couples, however, the divorce process is not ...
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Child Custody Issues in Dallas

If a divorce involves children, it becomes more about the best interests of the children involved rather than just solving issues between two people. Parents must create a child custody order in their ...
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What Are the Steps for Pursuing a Divorce in Dallas, TX?

For those seeking to file for a divorce in Texas, it is wise to know the procedure involved before you jump into anything. If you are being served with divorce papers, you should also have a good ...
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After Your Divorce: Name Changes

It is common for one spouse to take the last name of the other when they get married. It is usually this last name that is also passed on to the couple's children. Following a divorce, one of ...
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Is Your Divorce Private?

By their very nature, court proceedings are open to the public and the information disclosed during this time becomes public record. Unless the case concerns minors or victims of sexual abuse, there ...
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Does a Child Have Any Say Over Custody?

The most contentious and divisive issues in any divorce are often related to child custody. When all is said and done, where will the children live? When will they spend time with both of their ...
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What is a Parenting Plan?

In 2005, the Texas legislature updated the state's child custody and visitation laws, and one of its changes was the requirement of parenting plans. A "parenting plan" is either a ...
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How Bad Behavior Can Affect Your Divorce

Divorce is notorious for being one of the most difficult experiences an adult will ever have to go through. As you go through your divorce, and the years following your divorce, you will be faced with ...
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How is Visitation Determined?

Divorce often greatly impacts any children involved and can cause emotional instability if it is not handled with care. After custody arrangements, visitation is one of the most significant factors ...
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How Long Does it Take to Finalize Divorce in Texas?

In the state of Texas, a divorce cannot be finalized until at least 60 days after it was filed as a general rule. Oftentimes, it takes longer than this depending on the circumstances of the divorce. A ...
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