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Christian Attorney Provides Criminal Defense in Dallas

Are you seeking a Christian defense lawyer for your case? Retain our firm.

At the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., we serve the Christian community in criminal defense. Our Christian lawyer can help you defend against a criminal charge, from misdemeanor to felony. Many people in the Christian community feel that they would feel more confident with an attorney that shares their faith, and this is understandable. Our firm has a Christian lawyer as one of our team, and we can help you fight back in criminal court.

Our criminal defense team is highly qualified, aggressive and creative, and you can count on us to do the hard work to determine a strategy that could lead to a positive outcome for you. We are experienced trial lawyers and we know how to present a compelling case to a jury. This is a skill that not all lawyers have – but we know the business of criminal defense. It is important that we get involved as early as possible in your case, as there could be options to get the charges dismissed or reduced. Call today for more information.

Dallas Criminal Lawyer Representing Christians

We defend against a wide range of criminal accusations, including assault, conspiracy, and domestic violence and get involved in defending drug cases such as possession or trafficking. One of the most commonly charged crimes is DWI, and even a first time offense will lead to heavy consequences, including the loss of your legal right to drive, jail time, fines, mandated alcohol treatment classes, as well as hidden costs such as increased insurance rates and a damaged reputation. We urge you contact our Christian attorney immediately if you have been accused of a first offense, second offense, felony DWI, driving intoxicated with a child passenger or any other drinking and driving offense.

Defending Christians in Criminal Court in Dallas

We are also zealous advocates for young people caught in the criminal justice system in all types of juvenile crimes. These are important cases, as a young person convicted of a criminal act can have their future damaged with regard to ability to get a job, and could impact their ability to get into certain universities or colleges or participate in activities that are important to their future, including sports teams. We are committed to providing our young Christian clients with the highest quality, dedicated legal representation at all times.

We also can serve those who are accused of being involved in organized crime, or are seeking any post-conviction remedies such as expungement. We are interested in preparing to win when we take on a case. We know what it takes to present a persuasive defense case to a jury, and how they think, and what could open the door to reasonable doubt. We will fully evaluate every detail of the case and determine the best way to move forward with a case for your defense.

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Those accused of probation violations must act quickly – hopefully before being taken into custody. We are ready to fight for you, no matter whether you are innocent or guilty. We are proud of our results obtained, and invite you to look over our record of success. If you are facing a charge in a theft crime, whether burglary, robbery or shoplifting, call us know. Christian facing white collar crime charges such as forgery or fraud must be defended by a highly experienced trial lawyer with access to respected resources such as computer forensic experts. We are ready to fight for justice. Call our Christian attorney today.

  • Thank you so much for your hard work and effort getting me out from the jail time and legal mess. You are like God to me for giving me new life. Thank you so much!

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