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Breath & Blood Tests in Texas

Our Aggressive Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys can Contest Them

If you have been arrested for DWI, you will likely face a chemical test, either of your blood or breath, to determine if your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. No matter what the results of your test are, our Dallas criminal defense attorneys can challenge them in court in order to have them thrown out in your defense.

When you choose to work with Mathur Law Offices, P.C., you have access to our high quality and dedicated criminal defense team with decades of combined experience. Our firm believes in pursuing the best possible outcomes for our clients because we understand their future in many ways hangs in the balance when they face criminal charges. We argue fiercely on behalf of our clients and are dedicated to working towards achieving their goals.

Can I fight my breath and blood test results?

Although blood and breath tests may seem authoritative, they are very often flawed and can be dismissed. Our Dallas criminal defense lawyer can push back against your test results on a variety of grounds using several defenses.

Your test results can be challenged by arguing:

  • The time between when you were driving and your test skewed the results
  • The test was administered by an unqualified or untrained officer
  • A search warrant was needed but not used before administering the test
  • The required 15 minutes of observation was not done before taking the test
  • Breathalyzer device was not properly calibrated
  • Whole blood serum may show a higher blood alcohol than you actually have in your body

In addition to having defenses to chemical test results, you should not refuse to take a breath or blood test because this will result in an automatic suspension of your driver's license. Your first refusal will lead to a 180 day suspension and subsequent refusals will be met with longer ones.

Get Our Attorneys to Challenge Your Chemical Test

Breath and blood tests are used frequently in DWI stops but they can be contested in court by our firm. The stakes are too high when you are arrested for DWI for you to not have less than stellar representation on your side willing to fight the prosecution.

Let our Dallas DWI attorney work with you to build you a strong defense and fight back against DWI charges. Your future is on the line!

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