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Welfare Fraud Attorney in Dallas

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Just as the American economic climate has forced many individuals and families to tighten their wallets, government agencies at the local, state, and federal level have also felt financial pressure. In response to such dire situations and widespread concern, law enforcement agencies have begun to pay heightened attention to the benefits they provide to those in need. Welfare and other assistance programs represent our nation's focus on supporting those who encounter unfortunate circumstances, on helping those who are unable to help themselves, and on ensuring that there is a social safety net below which no American should have to fall.

While a well-intentioned necessity and part of our nation's social fabric, government benefit programs are certainly not free from error or from the opportunistic efforts of those who break the law. Although welfare fraud is a real concern, intense efforts by government agencies to police these programs have led to many unfair accusations and repercussion to those who truly need and qualify for benefits.

If you or your loved one has been accused of welfare fraud, our legal team knows that this may be a frightening and threatening time. With our extensive experience and resources, however, you can trust in our Dallas criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights and your freedom.

What is Welfare Fraud?

Welfare fraud occurs when a person illegally obtains public assistance benefits through the use of deception, misrepresentation, or the falsification of documents and facts.

Common situations that may result in a welfare fraud investigation and/or accusation include:

  • Misstating information to obtain or increase benefits
  • Forgery, using another's name, or using more than one name to file multiple applications
  • Falsifying the number of dependents
  • Not reporting or misreporting changes in employment, income, eligibility, marital status, and disability

Any type of fraudulent act can subject a person to welfare fraud allegations. When these charges arise, investigations conducted by state or federal agencies can be intense. Ensuring that you have legal representation as soon as possible can help you protect your rights. Additionally, our firm takes a proactive approach to conducting our own investigations and securing evidence to ensure that a strong, effective defense is made. If convicted of welfare fraud, you may face penalties that include large fines, suspension or revocation of benefits, imprisonment, and adverse consequences that come with having a criminal record.

Act Fast - Call for Your Initial Consultation

Our legal team wants to be involved in your case from the very moment you suspect or know that you are under investigation. Swift action on your part can provide our attorneys with the opportunity to quickly conduct our own research into your case and work to prevent you from being charged with a crime. In many instances, our criminal defense team has been able to avoid charges from being filed when we were contacted soon enough in a case. At times, we are able to obtain an agreement from the prosecutor to dismiss your case. For some, we can get the charges dropped by the judge due to a lack of evidence with which to proceed to trial. If we are able to find a legal flaw in your case, this can be used to move for an immediate dismissal.

Regardless of the facts involved in your case, you should take reasonable measures to protect yourself. Request a case evaluation to learn more about investigations, welfare fraud charges, and how our Dallas fraud defense lawyers can fight for you.

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