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We all want to feel comfortable and free to communicate with our lawyers, and immigration law is particularly important. Our families, our ability to work in the U.S. legally, and the protection of our rights are all very important matters. At the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., we have attorneys from a range of different countries and cultures, including a Muslim attorney that can assist you in resolving any immigration matter. The legal processes in immigration are extremely complex in the U.S. There are several agencies that can become involved. Your case should be handled with a great deal of care and attention to detail so that there are no unexpected barriers or problems, and each and every contingency is accounted for.

We know the law, the current legal decisions, changes in federal statutes and the U.S. Constitution. As an immigrant or as a citizen, or even as a visitor to the country, you are protected by the laws of the land. We have dealt extensively with immigration matters, and our goal is to serve our Muslim clients with the care, respect, dignity and attention that are deserved. You can be confident that your attorney is personally committed to you and your case as it moves through the system, and that we are responsive, and ready to answer your questions and discuss your concerns throughout the process. We speak many languages, including Hindi and Urdu, which can be very helpful to our Muslim clients.

Are you planning on immigrating to the U.S. for work or to share your life with your family? Are you a highly skilled professional seeking a work visa so you can expand your career by working for a company located in the states? There are countless personal and professional reasons why a person may choose to live in the U.S., and we believe this country offers exceptional opportunities for all who live here. We can help you with any immigration legal matter, including any dangerous issues or threats to your safety or livelihood that could occur related to ICE or USCIS. We are very experienced in immigration law, and have been practicing in this area of the law, as well as civil and criminal law since 1995. We are fully up-to-date on recent court decisions and changes in the immigration laws, and will advise you about the best course of action for your legal matter.

Muslim Attorney for Immigration in Dallas

It can be important that you are represented by a Muslim attorney, as there is a certain understanding you can instantly share. We are happy to serve our Muslim clients and to provide them with the highest quality legal representation for all immigration legal matters, from simple to complex. We are here to help the Muslim community in Dallas to achieve their goals with regard to visas, naturalization, handling matters related to getting the ability to live and work legally in the country. Our firm is known for our hard work, commitment and dedication to each and every client we serve. We urge you to contact us and speak with our Muslim attorney about your immigration legal matter. These issues should always be handled with the assistance of a legal professional with great skill and experience, and we are here to help you pursue the outcome you need for your future life in the U.S.A.

  • I am profoundly thankful to Mathur Law Offices for helping me with my immigration work. Mr. Mathur is truly an expert at any immigration matter. I admire the ease with which he handled my difficult immigration case.

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