DWI Myths in Texas

DWI Myths in Texas

"Driving under the influence" is a popular term used to describe drunk drivers; however, DWI is subject to stereotypes and misconceptions. For example, you might think that breathe testing is a fool-proof way to determine a driver's level of impairment.

While prosecutors would have you believe otherwise, breath testing isn't always accurate. In fact, breathalyzers are susceptible to many factors that can change the outcome of the test. For example, the alcohol in mouthwash can lead to a false reading. Additionally, breath testing is an indirect DWI test method. In order to determine the amount of alcohol in a driver's system, law enforcement may use a breathalyzer test to measure the amount of alcohol in the driver's lungs. Using this information, the breathalyzer calculates the driver's actual BAC.

Another common myth is the idea that one drink can significantly increase the likelihood of a driver causing an accident. While some people may feel "buzzed" after one drink, others can consume several beverages before reaching the legal limit. In reality, a small amount of alcohol in your system does not increase your chances of causing a wreck; it is the same as driving without any alcohol in your blood.

Many people assume that it is impossible to obtain a DWI conviction without a chemical test that shows their BAC over the legal limit. In reality, you can face serious legal penalties if law enforcement believes that they operated a motor vehicle while intoxicated and in a public place – regardless of BAC.

How is this possible? Without the help of a Dallas DWI defense attorney, a prosecutor could allege that, even though your BAC was not over the legal limit, you were still under the influence of alcohol. If a prosecutor can demonstrate that your ability to safety operate a motor vehicle was impaired, you could face a conviction.

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