How is Visitation Determined?

How is Visitation Determined?

Divorce often greatly impacts any children involved and can cause emotional instability if it is not handled with care. After custody arrangements, visitation is one of the most significant factors for a child's future.

As a parent, you want the best for your child, regardless of how you and your former spouse feel towards each other. By treating visitation arrangements delicately, you can ensure that your child feels supported, protected, and most importantly, loved.

Visitation Laws in Texas

Unlike most states, Texas has an entirely different term for visitation. The state refers to it as "possession and access," meaning that a parent gets physical possession of their child during set times. This right is given to the non-custodial parent as a way to maintain their relationship with the child.

If you and your former spouse can agree on a desired visitation agreement, then the court does not need to be involved. However, whether the decisions are settled on in court or out, the child's best interests must be upheld throughout the entire process. These interests are influenced by the child's age and health, the income of both parents, and the relationship the child has with each parent.

When creating your visitation schedule, you should include guidelines for weekdays and weekends, holidays, school breaks, and birthdays. The more consistent the routine, the more stabilized the child will feel no matter where they spend their time.

Should a parent's work schedule change or they decide to move locations, the visitation schedule may need to be revised at the discretion of the court. Visitation stipulations in Texas are also unique if the parents live more than 100 miles away from each other.

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