Family Law Victories

Slam Dunk in Divorce Court!
August 09, 2018

Ms. S hired Mathur Law Offices to assist her with her divorce case. Married with an eighteen-month old child, her husband had abandoned her and her child. Mr. Beuerlein obtained a trial setting and sought a Judgment against the husband. At the last minute, Ms. S's husband hired a lawyer and tried to contest issues at trial. Mr Beuerlein objected on the delay and technical ground to the last-minute appearance. The Judge granted all custody and divorce issues in favor of Ms. S. Result by Mr. Beuerlein and Mr. Mathur.

Divorce Settlement - Million Plus Dollar Estate!
May 09, 2018
Mr. N came to the firm for a divorce. His wife had filed for divorce and was claiming spousal support requirements, disproportionate share and claiming fault in the marriage due to adulterous accusations. After months of discovery and preparation, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein fought back on these accusations and argued that the spouse should not take advantage of her dubious claims. At mediation, Mr. Beuerlein was able to settle the matter without spousal support and without any disproportionate division. Mr. N saved a fortune on the settlement. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein.
Abusive Father Restrained!
April 03, 2018

Ms. M hired MLO after she discovered her husband was being unfaithful. Ms. S filed for divorce with the help of MLO. After the Court entered temporary orders allowing the husband to have standard possession of the children, Ms. M discovered that he was abusing drugs in the presence of the children. With the help of Mr. Beuerlein, and after a contested hearing, Ms. M obtained a temporary restraining order against her husband and the Court ordered that he have supervised access to the children. Mr. Beuerlein was able to settle the case at mediation pursuant to an agreement imposing certain safeguards and injunctions against her husband including random drug tests. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein.

Child Support Terminated- SAPCR Dismissed!
March 20, 2018

Mr. D hired Mathur Law Offices when the mother of the child put him on child support without proof of paternity. Ms. Sinha worked on the case under Mr. Mathur's supervision. Ms. Sinha successfully argues the case in court with evidence to terminate the child support order and dismiss the SACPR case. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha

Custody and Property Favorably Settled!
December 29, 2017

Ms. A hired Mathur Law Offices after being served with a divorce petition filed by her husband wherein he sought primary custody of their minor child and temporary orders from the Court. Ms. A was concerned about her financial situation and her husband fighting for custody of their child. Mr. Beuerlein was able to get the opposing attorney to agree to postpone discovery and to attend an informal settlement conference. At the conference Mr. Beuerlein successfully negotiated a final settlement wherein Ms. A was appointed the primary conservator and a disproportionate share of the marital estate. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein.

Support and Custody Granted!
November 16, 2017

Mr. H and his ex-wife were divorced in Colorado. Mr. H was ordered to pay child support and his wife was appointed primary conservator of their 6 children, 4 minors, 2 of which were adopted and have special needs. She later moved to Texas with the children. Mr. H moved to Texas as well and shortly thereafter, his ex-wife relinquished possession of the 4 minor children to Mr. H. Mr. Beuerlein registered the out-of-state order in Texas and then sought to modify child support and custody. At a temporary order hearing, the Court appointed Mr. H the temporary primary conservator of the minor children and ordered his ex-wife to pay child support. She was also ordered to turn over the state subsidy she was receiving for the 2 special needs children. Subsequently, Mr. Beuerlein negotiated with the ex-wife and settled the case based on the terms of the temporary orders. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein.!

Family Violence Refused by District Attorney!
August 30, 2017

Ms. M was arrested by the Frisco Police Department for Class Assault Family Violence. Mr. Mathur and his team went to work collecting evidence that Ms. M was being mis-characterized and that the case should not be filed. Mr. Mathur and the team forwarded their arguments and documents to the District Attorney. The District Attorney refused the case! Result by Mr. Mathur.

Violent Spouse Pays!
August 24, 2017

Ms. M hired MLO after she had been physically abused at the hands of her husband. Mr. Beuerlein sought a temporary restraining order and temporary support for Ms. M. With the overwhelming evidence against the husband Mr. Beuerlein obtained an agreed order restraining husband for being near client and ordering husband to pay temporary support in the amount of $1,500.00 per month. Thereafter Mr. Beuerlein settled the case in mediation with a disproportionate share of the estate going to Ms. M on the basis of the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband and having been forced to move out of state to get away from him. Result by Mr. Beuerlein and Mr. Mathur.

Divorce Claims Defeated!
May 15, 2017

Mr. S hired MLO after he and his spouse got into an alleged altercation at their home. His spouse pursued criminal assault family violence charges against him and sought a protective order and supervised visitations in addition to filing a divorce case. Mr. Beuerlein convinced the opposing counsel that there was no basis for the protective order pursuant to the Texas Family Code. As a result, opposing counsel dismissed the protective order case against Mr. S. Mr. Beuerlein then proceeded to successfully negotiate a final settlement for Mr. S wherein he would be appointed a joint managing conservator and have the right to possession of his young child. Result by Mr. Beuerlein and Mr. Mathur.

Divorce Case Won!
April 13, 2017

Ms. N hired MLO to help her with a divorce from her current spouse who had abandoned her and left for India. Despite, the spouse's complete and utter refusal to cooperate or participate in the Texas case, Mr. Beuerlein was able to set the case for trial and a judgment in favor of Ms. S with a favorable distribution of the parties assets. Result by Mr. Beuerlein and Mr. Mathur.

Father Wins Custody!
October 12, 2016

Mr. T discovered his son's mother was being abused by her live-in boyfriend in front of the child. The mother attempted to deny abuse occurred and has refused to seek any help from proper authorities. Mr. Beuerlein was successful in obtaining an ex parte temporary restraining order restricting the mother's access to supervised visitations. After a contested hearing on temporary orders where the mother acted indifferent to the abuse, the Court granted all relief sought by Mr. T including temporary child support; appointing Mr. T sole managing conservator; restricting the mother's access; ordering supervised visitation; and enjoining the mother from allowing the child to be near the abusive boyfriend. Result by Mr. Beuerlein.

Adoption Granted!
October 07, 2016

Mr. N consulted with Mathur Law Offices and hired to file for Adoption of a Child from India living in US. Ms. Sinha under Mr. Mathur's supervision prepared and filed the case and required evidence. Ms. Sinha represented Mr. N and his wife in the court and the adoption was granted.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Protective Custody Granted for Mom!
April 27, 2016
Ms. B hired firm because she suspected sexual abuse by the father. Concerned about visitation rights she wanted an aggressive firm to make sure dad's visitation rights were limited. Mr. Williams went to work on the case and the Court Ordered dad to stay away from the child and keep a five hundred foot distance at all times. Result by Mr. Williams.
Father Wins Divorce!
March 14, 2016

Mr. SG came to Mathur Law Offices after being displeased with another local lawyer's performance in his divorce case. Mr. SG stated that the case had been to mediation and failed. Mr. SG stated that his goals to win custody over his 14 year old daughter and seek the correct settlement on property had not been met. Mr. Mathur provided instructions and the case was prepared for trial. The case was tried and Mr. SG won custody over his daughter and the property settlement was entered favorably. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Williams.

Family Violence Assault Dropped!
September 17, 2015

Ms. F hired Mr. Mathur because she was arrested and accused of family violence assault against her boyfriend. Ms. F submitted that she was the victim not the villain in the disturbance. Mr. Mathur and Mr. Garcia collected evidence to support her argument and submitted it to the prosecution. The case was dropped and no charges were taken to court. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Garcia.

Grand Jury Dismisses Felony Family Violence!
September 10, 2015

Mr. O had been a client of Mathur Law Offices, P.C. in the past. This time, the police arrested him and placed him under a $25,000.00 bond for allegedly strangling his family member. Mr. Mathur went right to work on the case and requested that a dismissal package be put in front of the Grand Jury. When the Grand Jury reviewed the case, they agreed the case should be dismissed and "No Billed" the charges. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Garcia.

Father Wins Custody Long Battle!
May 27, 2015

Mr. V hired Mr. Mathur when his wife ran off with his baby daughter. After efforts to have his wife return with their daughter failed, Mr. V. requested that a divorce be filed and custody orders be sought. Mr. V's wife hired a lawyer and accused Mr. V of family violence and being neglectful over their child. Mr. V's wife was breast feeding and so the baby stayed the majority of the time with the mother initially. Mr. Mathur continued the fight in court and had the court deny any claims of family violence, deny claims of neglect and increased Mr. V's possession of the child. Mr. Mathur won every hearing before the Court before finally before trial the opposing side agreed to all of Mr. V's demands including equal access, 50/50 custody, equal rights, no child support and other agreements to ensure that the child was equally cared for. Result by Mr. Mathur.

Divorce and Child Custody Case Success!
March 24, 2015

M. B hired our firm to file for divorce and custody of a three month old child when his marriage was not working out. Mr. B wanted joint custody and visitation with the child. Ms. Sinha mediated the case under Mr. Mathur's supervision and settled the case successfully. Mr. B has joint custody of the child and his ex-wife will be responsible for the child care and private school expenses. Mr. B also gets to keep his retirement account and any property he accumulated during his marriage. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Divorce Case Settled Successfully!
February 20, 2015

Ms. M hired our firm to file for divorce when things were not working out with his spouse and his spouse filed for divorce. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha represented Mr. M and successfully settled and finalized the case in court to achieve Mr. D's goals.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Another Provisional Waiver Granted-Family United!
January 21, 2015

Mr. N from Mexico entered the USA without inspection in 2000 and later married a naturalized U.S. citizen. Mr. N hired Mathur Law Offices, P.C. to get resident status for him. Mr. Mathur advised Mr. N to file an immigrant petition and consular process with a provisional waiver. Ms. Sinha guided and helped Mr. N through the process and prepared a strong provisional waiver that was granted by USCIS.

Divorce Granted - Husband Wins Property!
January 12, 2015

Mr. G hired our firm to file for a divorce action against his wife for more than fifteen years when she filed for divorce. Mr. G wanted ot keep his house and custody and visitation of his children. Ms. Sinha successfully completed the divorce in court under Mr. Mathur's supervision to get Mr. G his desired outcome. Mr. G was awarded the house and granted custody and visitation.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Divorce Case Settled Successfully!
December 19, 2014

Mr. M hired our firm to represent him in his divorce when things were not working out with his spouse. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha represented Mr. M in his divorce. Ms. Sinha mediated and successfully settled Mr. M's case under Mr. Mathur's supervision to achieve Mr. M's goals. Mr. M is happily divorced now.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Divorce Granted in Summary Judgment!
December 17, 2014

Mr. B hired our firm to represent him in his divorce when his marriage was not working out. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha worked on Mr. B's case to get him his desired result. After reviewing the facts in the divorce, Mr. Mathur filed a Motion for Summary Judgments to get the case granted on Mr. B's terms. Mr. Mathur convincingly argued the case in court. Mr. B's divorce was granted in his favor based on summary judgment.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Approved Despite Criminal Background!
November 11, 2014

Ms. D, a 23 year old citizen of Mexico entered US without inspection when she was a child. She lived and studied in US and completed high school. Ms. D had a criminal offense in Dallas. Ms. Sinha prepared and submitted her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application with arguments that she was eligible for approval despite her criminal conviction. USCIS was convinced with the arguments and approved Ms. D's application and work authorization.

Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Mother Granted Full Custody!
October 03, 2014

Ms. N came to Mathur Law Offices, P.C. to get help with a divorce, domestic violence and child custody issues. Ms. Sinha and Mr. Mathur prepared the case and filed the divorce pleadings and requested that the mother be awarded full custody of their child, interim attorney's fees amongst other forms of relief designed to protect Ms. N and her child. At hearing, Mr. Mathur presented the case and Ms. N was awarded all relief. The other side appealed and Mr. Mathur filed a Motion to Strike the Appeal and a Motion for Sanctions. The Court granted the Motion to Strike and granted sanctions in the form of attorney's fees to Ms. N. In all, over $16,000.00 in attorney's fees were granted along protections such as supervised access to the father of the child. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Father Granted Full Custody!
October 02, 2014

Mr. C came to the Mathur Law Offices, P.C. after becoming concerned about his daughter's behavior. Mr. C was not married to the mother and the mother had returned to a boyfriend who Mr. C believed to be guilty of family violence. Although there was no accusation of violence against the child, Mr. C, who had no prior orders relating to custody, thought it best that he take over custody of his four year old daughter. Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Mathur prepared the case. Mr. Mathur argued the case at special hearing. The Court granted Mr. C sole managing conservatorship, primary possession, child support and ordered the mother to have only supervised visitation. Thereby, awarding Mr. C full custody of their child. Result by Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Mathur.

Temporary Orders Granted in Wife's Favor
September 04, 2014

Ms. N hired the Mathur Law Offices, P.C. when she was served by her divorce papers. She reported that her husband had concealed assets, physically abused her and abandoned her and their baby with no means of support. Ms. Sinha prepared documents to rectify this situation and Mr. Mathur argued the case in Court. Mr. Mathur was able to get over $15,000.00 of funds for attorney's fees, $1,200.00 a month child support and $1,200.00 a month spousal support. Furthermore, Mr. Mathur was able to secure orders to ensure Ms. N's safety and the welfare of their child. Result by Ms. Sinha and Mr. Mathur.

Temporary Orders Denied on Divorce Bill of Review
December 10, 2013

Mr. A hired Mr. Mathur after his wife returned to the country filed a Bill of Review to try to overturn a divorce decree he obtained against her. Although she was represented by one Dallas' premiere litigation firms, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson fought hard to prove that her request for temporary orders was invalid and unfounded. On the date of the hearing, the opposing attorney agreed in open court and withdrew the request for temporary relief. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson!

Annulment & Adjustment Granted!
October 03, 2013

Ms. S came to see Mr. Mathur after realizing that she wanted to adjust her status through her father's petition. Unfortunately, Ms. S had entered into a marriage that prevented her from adjusting her status. Mr. Mathur found that there was a basis to sue for an annulment on the marriage. After successfully annulling the marriage, Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha successfully adjusted Ms. S's status to a resident. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

September 16, 2013 - Assault Family Violence Case Dismissed!
September 16, 2013

Mr. H was arrested for assault family violence. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Malik wanted to try to get a dismissal on the case. Due to the grisly details of the incident, the prosecutors were unwilling to dismiss the case. Ms. Malik continued to work and negotiate with the prosecutors until they ultimately agreed to a dismissal. Mr. Malik instructed Mr. H to fulfill certain requirements, and once he did, the case was dismissed! Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Malik.

Divorce Case Settled Successfully!
August 27, 2013

Mr. H hired our firm to file for a divorce action against his wife for 20 years. Mr. H wanted fair settlement of his property and wanted to keep all stocks, shares, bank and retirement accounts. Ms. Sinha successfully mediated the case under Mr. Mathur's supervision to achieve Mr. H's goals. Mr. H was awarded all his stock and shares along with his bank and retirement accounts and a share of all community assets. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.

Divorce Litigation Settled - Husband Gets Home Back and No Finding of Family Violence!
June 05, 2013
Mr. S came to Mathur Law Offices when his divorce case was in shambles and set for trial without any hopes of settlement. During the initial hearings, Mr. S's wife claimed family violence and won possession and conservatorship of the children with minimal visitation rights for Mr. S. Additionally, his wife was granted the house, spousal support and child support. Ms. Sinha worked on the case under Mr. Mathur's supervision towards a favorable resolution for Mr. S and mediated and settled the case. Mr. S gets to keep the marital house, boat and all vehicles in his possession. Mr. S is relieved of all of wife's debts and gets joint managing conservatorship with no finding of family violence. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.
Divorce Case Settled - Husband Awarded Ownership to Business!
June 04, 2013
Mr. G hired our firm when his wife filed a divorce action against him. Mr. G wanted a fair settlement. Mr. G specifically wanted to keep the business that was started by the couple together and was making great profits for more than ten years. Ms. Sinha successfully mediated the case under Mr. Mathur's supervision to achieve Mr. G's goals. Mr. G was awarded ownership to the business with all interest and received his fair share of all community assets. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.
Contested Divorce Case Settled Successfully!
March 26, 2013
Mr. C hired Mathur Law Offices for his divorce case to get a favorable settlement especially because he had a lot of property in India. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha worked on the case and successfully negotiated an agreement with the opposing side where Mr. C was able to keep all his property and asset in India and did not have to pay any spousal support. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha
Dad Wins Custody of Children!
March 13, 2013
Mr. B is a veteran of the U.S. Armed forces. While he was away, his wife took care of the kids when she sought fit. Mr. B did not like the fact that his kids were not being taken care of by his wife. He approached the Mathur Law Offices to file a divorce and to fight for custody. Mr. Mathur prepared the case and appeared at the temporary orders hearing. Mr. Mathur convinced the other side that they would lose the hearing and lose at trial. Mr. Mathur then negotiated a final agreement that Mr. B gets custody of the kids and the wife pays Mr. B child support. Mr. B decides where the kids live and is their primary care taker. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Mother's Custody Restored After Domestic Violence!
January 22, 2013
Ms. P came to Mathur Law Offices desperate as her husband had reportedly beat her several times and now after she left the home would not give her access to her children. Ms. Sinha, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson put together a plan to seek a Writ of Attachment for the Children and seeking temporary orders to get the kids back to her. After completing the Writ, the Sheriff went to the father's home and took the kids and placed them back in the mother's care almost immediately. At the temporary orders hearing the father quickly agreed to custody with the mother as not to face additional consequences for his behavior! Result by Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.
Dad Wins Custody Hearing!
September 13, 2012
Mr. B called Mathur Law Offices, when the mother of his daughter alleged that he had deceitfully taken her from the mothers' Texas home. She alleged that Mr. B had been keeping their daughter in Missouri and failed to return their daughter as promised! Mr. B wanted to fight his wife on her demand for full custody. Mr. B's goal was to get 50/50 custody during the temporary orders hearing. Mr. Mathur fought and won 50/50 custody with no order of child support! Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson.
Divorce Case Settled Client Released from Jail!
August 07, 2012
Dr. E hired Mr. Mathur when he was arrested and put in jail due to failure to take care of a judgment and court orders during a divorce proceeding. Mr. Mathur took the case over from another lawyer and immediately began work on Dr. E's release. Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson filed a Writ with the Court of Appeals alleging that the Judge had gone beyond her power in arresting and detaining Dr. E. Mr. Mathur also began settlement negotiations with the opponent and warned that after Dr. E's release there would be no further settlement offered. The other side quickly reached a settlement Mr. Mathur that secured Dr. E's release and settled the case for less than one-third of the judgment rendered against Dr. E. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson.
Judge Grants Asylum for Family of Four!
July 05, 2012
Mr. A came to see Mr. Mathur because his asylum case had been denied by the Houston Asylum Office. Mr. A and his family were all placed in removal proceedings. Mr. Mathur laid out a plan for additional evidence and Ms. Wahab Mr. Mathur went to work strengthening the evidence in the case, getting witnesses ready and re-trying the case to a Dallas Immigration Judge. The Dallas Immigration Judge considered the additional evidence in the case and witness testimony at trial and granted the asylum claim. The government waived appeal making the decision final! Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Wahab.
Husband Gets Home Back in Divorce Proceedings!
June 22, 2012
Mr. D was forced to leave his home when an argument broke out with his wife. Mr. D came to Mathur Law Offices for help to get a divorce from his wife. Despite putting his wife on the deed to the home, Mr. D stated that he needed his home back because his children from his prior marriage were coming home for the Summer. During a temporary orders hearing, Mr. Mathur argued that his wife, and her children from a prior marriage, should leave the home. The Court agreed and Mr. D got his home back for his children and his wife was ordered to move to an apartment! Result by Mr. Mathur!
Father Regains Custody!
April 20, 2012
Mr. G came to visit Mr. Mathur in January as his divorce case was in shambles. Mr. G's wife had filed first and during the initial hearings had won exclusive possession and conservatorship of the children with no visitation rights to Mr. G. Additionally, his wife was granted the house, spousal support and child support. Mr. Mathur worked on the case personally for the last three (3) months and in that time settled the case with Mr. G regaining possession rights and creating joint conservatorship over his children and maintaining all of $111,000.00 in retirement account benefits. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Motion to Dismiss Withdrawn!
March 26, 2012
Ms. A came to visit Mr. Mathur on recommendation from a friend. Ms. A was involved in a divorce and, according to her, her prior counsel had not been satisfactory. One of the problems she faced was a motion to dismiss her case in relation to money to be awarded. With only a few days on the job, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson filed a strong response to the motion and requested sanctions for the opposing side filing the motion in the first place. Upon receiving the response and Mr. Mathur's correspondence regarding the same, the other side voluntarily withdrew their own motion. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson.
Got the job done in a very professional manner
March 22, 2012
Anamika is an excellent and very thorough attorney who looks at every possible angle of a case. I found her knowledge of the law and courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. It is very comforting to have an attorney whom you can trust during what are typically difficult personal issues. My divorce was as painless as possible because of Anamika. Anamika was a professional all the way.I recommend her highly. Regards, K
Divorce Litigation Settled!
December 01, 2011
Dr. T hired our firm when her husband filed a divorce action against her. Dr. T asked that her husband, a medical doctor, pay her a fair settlement. After Mr. Mathur took over the litigation, he pushed the other side to get discovery, sought protective orders and eventually, got the other side to mediate the case to stop the litigation. Mr. Mathur mediated the case and it was settled, Dr. T. received a division of the community assets, a late model Mercedes, attorney's fees and alimony. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Marriage Case Approved Despite Past Record!
August 22, 2011
Ms. A came to see Mr. Mathur because she married a U.S. Citizen and wanted to adjust her status through the marriage. The concern was that Ms. A's immigration record showed that she had previously been married to a U.S. Citizen who told USCIS that he wanted to withdraw the petition as he entered the marriage simply to help Ms. Y. Since this previous record could cause a denial of the present case, Mr. Mathur counseled the client on how to proceed with the case legally this time and avoid the negative findings of the past case. Mr. Mathur attended the interview and the case was approved. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Sinha.
Injunction Granted Against Fraudulent Sale!
August 01, 2011
Mr. M’s estate was left in the hands of an ex-wife. The ex-wife tried to sell Mr. M’s home without the authorization. When Mr. Mathur found out about the proposed sale on Friday, he rushed an application for an emergency injunction to the courthouse on Monday and the injunction was Granted by the Judge the same day, thereby stopping the sale of the home. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Grandmother Wins Child Custody Over Father!
March 30, 2011
Mrs. R approached Mathur Law Offices because her 23 year old daughter passed away and left behind two children, ages 2 and 4. Mrs. R wanted custody of the children as the father had not been a part of raising or caring for either child. The father was also seeking custody of the children and did not want grandma to even visit. After a hearing on the matter Mrs. R, with the help of Attorney Genevieve Barr at Mathur Law Offices, won full custody over her grandchildren and the court cut off all rights of the father! Result by Ms. Barr.
Father Granted Temporary Conservatorship!
February 21, 2011
Mr. M. hired Mathur Law Offices, P.C. to obtain primary custody of his 3 young children. Mrs. M had left the household and took the children with her. At a temporary orders hearing before the Associate Judge awarded Mr. M temporary primary custody with the right to designate the primary residence of the children; Mother allowed standard visitation and mother restricted to Dallas County.
Children Returned to Mother!
January 18, 2011
Ms. H came to office after her ex-husband refused to return her children to her after a summer vacation. The ex-husband and Ms. H had been divorced but had no agreements with regard to custody. After Ms. H hired our firm and we filed suit, the father also filed suit for custody. The father was insistent that he was the better parent. Mr. Mathur and Ms. Odum sought medical records against the father that we alleged showed that he was mentally instable and not the better parent. During these efforts the social worker also agreed that the father was not the better parent. Before trial, the father agreed to give the children back to Ms. H and in exchange Ms. H agreed to extended visitation for the father. Result by Mr. Mathur, Ms. Odum and Ms. Jeffries.
Self-Petitioning Spouse Approved!
January 02, 2011
Mr. A came to see Mr. Mathur after his marriage was falling apart and the immigration service had a notice of intent to revoke his visa petition. Mr. Mathur examined the history and found that Mr. A's wife had reportedly begun having an affair and had sabotaged his immigration case. Mr. Mathur advised the client to withdraw the present immigration case, seek a divorce and collect evidence in the divorce of the wife's misconduct. Mr. A hired Mathur Law Offices, P.C. to do this job. The divorce was granted and a special immigrant visa petition was filed on behalf of Mr. A. Mr. A's petition has been approved and he will be finalizing his adjustment to be a permanent resident.
Father's Fight for Custody Won!
December 21, 2010
Mr. L came to visit Mr. Mathur after his wife filed a surprise divorce against him. Mr. L had two children and wanted custody of his kids. Mr. L's wife wanted to share custody but Mr. L felt that he wanted to have the case tried and go for full custody. Mr. L was represented in court by Mr. Mathur who fought and won full custody at the hearing for Mr. L.
Divorce & Custody Case Fixed!
December 02, 2010
Mr. B. came to our office after spending over 2 years and $70,000.00 with another law firm. The other firm had achieved very little for Mr. B, as he had no right to see or speak to his kids, had to pay over $1,700.00 a month in support and was being depleted of the funds relating to the sale of the family property. Mr. B. put his faith in Mr. Mathur to turn the case around. Within a few days of being hired. Mr. Mathur filed motions with the Court to re-hear the case. Mr. Mathur argued that Mr. B. had been unjustly taken advantage of and had the child support reduced to minimum wage support and had the Court order efforts to re-unify Mr. B. with his children.
Custody Awarded to Mother with Family Violence Accusation!
September 27, 2010
Ms. H came to Mathur Law Offices, P.C. when after the father of their children file a custody suit against her. The father submitted an argument that Ms. H had committed family violence. Indeed Ms. H had been recently arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Additionally, Ms. H had not complied with a previous Court Order. Mr. Mathur tried the case in front of the Judge and argued that Ms. H misunderstood the Court Order and that she was the victim of violence, not the aggressor. The Judge awarded custody to Ms. H and required the father to pay child support with no overnight visitation allowed to the father.
Another Father Granted Primary Custody!
August 20, 2010
Mr. T sought primary custody of 3 year old daughter. Ms. Odum represented him and he was awarded primary custody. Mother was ordered to pay child support. Mr. T was given a right of first refusal in case Mother became unable to care for child while she was in his custody Mother requested a residency restriction; Ms. Odum convinced Judge that a residency restriction was not in best interest of child.
Father Granted Custody!
July 22, 2010
While not represented by a lawyer, Mr. L’s ex-wife awarded herself custody. After realizing his mistake, Mr. L came to Mathur Law Offices, P.C. for help. After the ex-wife’s lawyer delayed the case, Mr. L asked Mr. Mathur to take charge. Mr. Mathur quickly filed a motion with the Court to expose the delay of the other lawyer. The other lawyer withdrew from the case and the Judge awarded Mr. L the custody he desired.
Custody Awarded to Father!
July 08, 2010
Mr. N is father of 5 year old girl, who previously lived with him for almost one year. The mother of the child wanted the child back and there was no court order in place. Mr. N retained another lawyer and for almost 6 months who had reportedly accomplished very little. Mr. N came to Mathur Law Offices to assist him with getting his daughter back. Mrs. Odum represented Mr. N in trial and prevailed at trial.
Bad Father’s Rights Denied by Court!
February 10, 2010
Ms. B hired our firm after she was served a custody suit. Ms. Odum filed a counter suit requesting denial of access. -Ms. Odum included allegations of abuse by the father. Ms. Odum requested the father be denied access and the mother be in charge of all decisions over the child. The Judge granted all of Ms. Odum’s requests.
Father granted Primary Conservatorship
February 10, 2010
Mr. G. hired to obtain primary custody of his 2 year-old twin boys. Temporary Orders in favor of the mother. De Novo Hearing before District Judge reversed Associate Judge and Mr. G was given temporary primary custody after social study and months passed. Ms. Odum represented Mr. G at Final Trial and Mr. G was awarded Primary conservatorship. Mother was ordered to pay child support.
Temporary Orders Against Spouse
September 12, 2009
Client and husband own a gas station together. Wife worked there until husband changed the locks. After hearing client was awarded $4500.00 per month in support and attorney’s fees. Husband took wife back to court for downward modification, and was ordered to pay all of wife’s monthly expenses and provide additional spending money each month (total amount worth more than the initial judgment). Result by Ms. Odum.
Family Violence Assault Dismissed
September 09, 2009
Mr. C was charged with domestic spousal abuse. His case was pending in Dallas County, Texas. After strenous negotiations with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, our office agreed on a dismissal of all charges. Result by Mr. McLemore.
Family Violence Assault Dismissed
September 09, 2009
Mr. C was charged with domestic spousal abuse. His case was pending in Dallas County, Texas. After strenous negotiations with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, our office agreed on a dismissal of all charges. Result by Mr. McLemore.
Judgment Against Spouse for Child Custody & Property
August 24, 2009
Client and husband engaged in very emotional battle over child conservatorship and personal property. Parties had no “real property” and no substantial amounts of money in any bank accounts. Both parties were guilty of sending money back to their home country and neither party was truly entitled to receive anything more than a divorce. Received judgment for client of $10,000.00 and primary conservatorship of the child with a lifted residency restriction. Result by Ms. Odum.
Asylum Appeal Granted on Domestic Violence Issues
June 25, 2009
Ms. A is a citizen of Guatemala. During her trial in immigration court she argued that she could not be returned to Guatemala due to domestic violence she had suffered and would continue to be victimized by. She filed an Asylum claim. The Immigration Judge denied the case on legal eligibility to make the claim. The case was appealed by our office to the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”). The BIA agreed that the Immigration Judge’s decision should not stand and has now sent the case back to be re-heard. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Hussami.
Conditions Removed: Two Down, One to Go
February 17, 2009
Last year we helped Mrs. H file a Form I-751 petition to remove the conditions on her status as a Lawful Permanent Resident. She immigrated through good-faith marriage, but that marriage later terminated in divorce. The CIS approved our client’s petition, for both her and her minor daughter, a derivative beneficiary who adjusted concurrently. Mrs. H’s son, however, has his own separate I-751 since he immigrated via the follow-to-join consular process. Two down, one to go! Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Humble.
Family Approved, On Path to Citizenship
February 09, 2009
Mr. M married in 2007 and welcomed into his life both his new wife and two stepdaughters. In May of 2008 we helped this family of four submit immigrant visa petitions and adjustment resident admission applications. Nine months later, the CIS approved their cases. If Mrs. M naturalizes, approximately three years in the future, her daughters will gain derivative citizenship automatically. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Humble.
Divorce Waiver No Interview
January 30, 2009
In 2005 Mrs. L became a Lawful Permanent Resident, but with conditions since her marriage was less than two years old. We helped her timely file a Form I-751 petition to remove the conditions, because she entered into marriage in good faith but the marriage later terminated in divorce. Twenty-one months later, the CIS approved the petition --- without any interview. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Battered Spouse Approval & Criminal Case Dismissal
April 18, 2008
Client hired our firm when her husband began being abusive. Husband threatened her with deportation and removal proceedings. She hired our firm to self-petition under the Violence Against Women Act. We filed a divorce against her husband who had never filed immigration paperwork for her. We then proceeded to seek discovery in the divorce to show that her husband was abusive and that the marriage was legitimate. We then filed a petition based on the battered spouse provisions under the Immigration and Nationality Act. In the middle of this, our client was served with criminal allegations of truancy relating to her minor son. We had the charges dismissed. After the approval of the petition, the a resident admission application was filed and approved. Our client is now divorced and has received her permanent residency. Result by Mr. Mathur.
Family Law Trial Win
April 17, 2008
Our client is an immigrant to the United States. She married a United States citizen who filed papers for her to become legal. After all the paperwork had been approved, our client’s spouse filed suit against her for an annulment claiming that the marriage was a fraud and fake. Our client’s husband tried desperately to win this case. Our client went through two other law firms before she hired our firm. The other law firm on the opposing side advertises and competes against our firm in the areas of family law and immigration law. The case went to trial and our client prevailed as the annulment was denied by the Judge. Result by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Odum.
  • Dear Mr. Mathur: I want to thank you and Anamika at Mathur Law Offices in representing me in my divorce case and getting me the desired result. They are very trustworthy and put in effort and time to understand your legal needs to achieve the best for you. I highly recommend them.

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