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5 Star Reviews
From Our Past Clients

  • We find very few human beings like you in this world who are passionate about their profession and truly help their clients.

    “Your firm changed my opinion on Attorneys with my past experience.”


  • Excellent communication

    “Just booked an appointment by talking to Yvette. It was really a nice experience as she was really polite and kept patient throughout. Looking forward to talk to one of the attorneys. :)”

  • Timely addressal

    “Yvette has been helpful in making quick appointment with Attorney”


  • Thank you Sanje and Yvette!

    “Was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed about my situation and after speaking with Sanje, he certainly made me feel better and I knew he was the attorney for me. Yvette made the lawfirm intake process very easy and ensured I felt comfortable and knowledgeable every step of the way!”


  • Citizenship

    “If would like to give a five star review to Ms.Yvette from the Mathur law offices..Yvette was very helpful, she answered all my questions with such great attitude she’s very friendly she made sure I understood everything she was telling me..I’m so great full there’s employees like her..Thanks once again Yvette..”

    Sanchez Family

We Know How to Win The Proof is in Our Results

  • Removal Case Dismissed!
    Mr. RA hired Mathur Law Offices in 2012 after losing TPS and being placed in removal proceedings. Mr. RA grew up in El Salvador but believed that he was a U.S. Citizen by birth. Mr. Mathur defended the case based on Mr. RA's citizenship claim, resulting in the case being administratively closed by ICE. Mr. RA's case was unilaterally reopened in 2017 due to the Trump Administration’s new immigration enforcement policies. Mr. Zumberg researched Mr. RA’s claim and counseled his family on gathering the necessary evidence to prove his citizenship. Ultimately, an agreement was made to dismiss the removal case. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Zumberg.
  • Aggravated Assault Dismissed by Grand Jury Criminal Law

    Mr. K came to Mathur Law Offices as a referral from community members. Mr. K had a same sex partner who shared his apartment. One night the accusation was that the partner was home, and Mr. K returned to ask him to leave. The partner called the police and accused Mr. K of violently assaulting him. While there were severe medical injuries and photos to reflect, the Mathur team realized there are two sides to every story and that photos and medicals alone do not tell the whole tale. After further investigating the case, the Mathur team set forth a written argument before the Dallas County Grand Jury to dismiss the case. After review, Grand Jury agreed and “No Billed” or dismissed the case. Result by Mr. Nieto and Mr. Mathur.

  • Citizenship Approved for Deported Person! Immigration

    Mr. R's family came to see Mr. Mathur when Mr. R was placed in ICE custody for a second time. Mr. R had previously been removed from the United States as an illegal alien. At the time of his prior deportation, Mr. R had another lawyer who failed to spot a critical issue. In 10 minutes of reviewing the case, Mr. Mathur spotted an issue that showed that Mr. R was entitled to seek "derivative" citizenship based on his mother's application and his father's death. Within a few hours of being retained Mr. Mathur was able to have Mr. R released from custody. Within a few months, Mr. Mathur was able to get USCIS to approve his Certificate of Citizenship. Mr. R now has proof of being a U.S. citizen and never needs to look over his shoulder for ICE again. Result by Mr. Mathur.

  • Injury to a Child Dismissed for Immigrant! Criminal Law

    Mr. G hired our firm because he was on an H1 visa and was very concerned about a criminal allegation for Felony Injury to a Child. Realizing the severe consequences to Mr. G from a felony charge, the Mathur team went to work to try to stop the case before the Dallas County Grand Jury. Mr. Mathur and Mr. De La Garza ensure that defensive documents were submitted. The Grand Jury convened and "No Billed" or dismissed the case finding no probable cause. Not only does this secure Mr. G from removal and inadmissibility but it also prevents him from the expense of going to Court and defending himself at trial. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. De La Garza.

  • Drug Conviction Withdrawn & Residency Approved! Criminal Law
    Mr. E had a prior conviction for Possession of Marijuana for Sale in California in 1989. In 2018 Mr. E's conviction was vacated through post-conviction relief. Mr. E. subsequently filed for his residency. However, USCIS denied his position because they found the order vacating his conviction was insufficient for immigration purposes. Mr. E then decided to retain Mathur Law Offices. Attorney Renaud and Mathur worked to amend Mr. E's order vacating his conviction to include the necessary language sufficient for immigration purposes. On review by Mr. Mathur, Attorney Renaud submitted a demand letter, and Mr. E's I-485 application to adjust his status was approved three weeks later. After 30 years of living in the United States, Mr. E is now a resident. Results by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Renaud.
  • USCIS Reverses Denial!
    Ms. Y hired our firm to defend herself against a Theft allegation. Ms. Y was a permanent resident and as such, her status and ability to naturalize was at stake. Mr. Mathur and the team defended her against the Theft case. It was dismissed. Mr. Mathur and the team then expunged her records and later filed for Naturalization. USCIS initially believed they could deny the case. After entering an erroneous denial, Mr. Mathur personally appealed the decision. USCIS reversed their own error and approved the naturalization. Result by Mr. Mathur.
  • Spousal Support Claim Prevented! Family Law

    Mr. M was faced with a divorce with a clear claim to spousal support. When Mr. M came to Mr. Mathur and explained the situation, Mr. Mathur quickly advised of the path to avoid the claim. Within a few days of being retained, Mr. Mathur worked together to end the divorce litigation and prevent the spousal support claim from becoming an issue. Results by Mr. Mathur and Ms. Byno.

  • Ex-Girlfriend Reimbursed Over $70,000.00

    Ms. D spoke to Mr. Mathur about the money she had lent to her boyfriend. The money had been placed into a home for which she had no title. She was concerned that the home was set to be sold and her ex-boyfriend would flee with her hard-earned money. Mr. Mathur outlined a strategy for Ms. D to be paid. Mr. Johnson contacted the ex-boyfriend and advised that he better pay up or else. An agreement was put in place, and Ms. D was restored her money from the sale proceeds. Results by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Johnson.

  • Veteran Airline Customer Case Dismissed! Criminal Law

    Mr. A, an honorably discharged veteran, came to the Mathur Law Offices regarding his wrongful arrest for public intoxication. He had been removed from a commercial flight at DFW airport after a flight attendant mistook his emotional condition (grieving the death of a loved one) for intoxication, and he was subsequently arrested and faced criminal charges. After demanding evidence and proof from the prosecutor, Attorney De La Garza was able to get a dismissal of this case after showing the arrest was improper. Mr. A was then able to petition to remove this arrest from his record so that it would not affect his future career or place a black mark on his many military and professional commendations.

  • Weapons Conviction Reversed! Criminal Law

    Mr. C's family hired Mathur Law Offices after Mr. C was arrested by ICE. Mr. Mathur reviewed Mr. C's past criminal history and determined he would not be eligible for bond or immigration relief at his future court date. Mr. Mathur immediately recommended that the weapons charge that was preventing relief be lifted if possible. Mr. Mathur filed a Late Motion for New Trial in Panola County, Texas. The District Attorney and Mr. Mathur worked through due process issues related to the issues. The Court GRANTED the Motion for New Trial and a dismissal of the charge was obtained. This clears the path to Mr. C's application for relief before the Immigration Judge. Mr. Mathur accomplished all of this before the first immigration court date.

More Results
More Results

Representation Delivered on a Personal Basis

Part of what makes the Mathur Law Offices, P.C. such a distinct firm is that we constantly serve a diverse clientele in multiple practice areas. Working with individuals, families, and business professionals from all walks of life has instilled in our legal team immeasurable insight into a wide range of legal matters and the legal creativity needed to resolve them accordingly.

No client who comes to our firm will ever be treated impersonally, will ever have to hunt us down for information about their case, or will ever feel as if they are anything less than our top priority. Not only does this client-centric approach allow our Dallas attorneys to make our clients' legal experiences less stressful, it also enables us to create strategies designed to help their unique circumstances.

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Diversity in Clients, Equity in Justice

Since the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., was first founded by Mr. Sanjay Mathur in 1999, our Dallas lawyers have been continually and successfully guiding local residents, families, and businesses through their unique legal journeys. We are a firm that was established on the belief that each and every client deserves the highest quality representation possible.

Our practice focuses on providing unmatched personal attention, custom counsel and assistance at each stage of the process. If you are in search of a law firm that truly values your needs, draws from decades of experience when handling your case, and aggressively fights for the best possible terms, look no further than the Mathur Law Offices, P.C.

Camp Lejeune Injury Cases

Camp Lejeune, a Marine base in North Carolina, has been guilty of harming people for decades. Between the 1950s and 1980s, the camp consistently exposed workers and surrounding residents to tainted, toxic water. This exposure has led to various forms of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, muscle and nerve disorders, and more. For more information on this, visit our Campe Lejenue page here. If you’ve been harmed by Camp Lejeune’s negligence, contact our firm today for help.

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We believe each and every client deserves the highest quality representation possible.

What to Expect From Mathur Law Offices, P.C.

  • A legal team with a wide breadth of legal knowledge
  • An emphasis on making your needs our top priority
  • Personalized, unwavering commitment to you
  • A team with unmatched experience and versatility
  • Compassionate and genuine service

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From our office location in Dallas, we regularly service clients throughout the region, including Fort Worth, Tyler, Denton and the surrounding Texas communities. Take a proactive approach toward reaching your goals.

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