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5 Star Reviews
From Our Past Clients

  • You immediately gave us confidence, and hope in your firm's ability to help us with our needs.

    “You kept us informed, you thoroughly explained all our options good or bad, and that is greatly appreciated!”


  • This was the best experience of our lives!

    “Hello Sanjay, Ignatius and Anamika, Appreciate your seamless efforts; all the way for the outcome and results of our Naturalization Application.”


  • There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how happy I feel and for everything you have done for me so far.

    “Thank you for everything so far.”


  • Because of you, I am home with my family.

    “We sincerely thank you for all that you have done - you were truly amazing!”


  • We find very few human beings like you in this world who are passionate about their profession and truly help their clients.

    “Your firm changed my opinion on Attorneys with my past experience.”


We Know How to Win The Proof is in Our Results

  • Removal Case Dismissed!
    Mr. RA hired Mathur Law Offices in 2012 after losing TPS and being placed in removal proceedings. Mr. RA grew up in El Salvador but believed that he was a U.S. Citizen by birth. Mr. Mathur defended the case based on Mr. RA's citizenship claim, resulting in the case being administratively closed by ICE. Mr. RA's case was unilaterally reopened in 2017 due to the Trump Administration’s new immigration enforcement policies. Mr. Zumberg researched Mr. RA’s claim and counseled his family on gathering the necessary evidence to prove his citizenship. Ultimately, an agreement was made to dismiss the removal case. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Zumberg.
  • Citizenship Approved for Deported Person! Immigration

    Mr. R's family came to see Mr. Mathur when Mr. R was placed in ICE custody for a second time. Mr. R had previously been removed from the United States as an illegal alien. At the time of his prior deportation, Mr. R had another lawyer who failed to spot a critical issue. In 10 minutes of reviewing the case, Mr. Mathur spotted an issue that showed that Mr. R was entitled to seek "derivative" citizenship based on his mother's application and his father's death. Within a few hours of being retained Mr. Mathur was able to have Mr. R released from custody. Within a few months, Mr. Mathur was able to get USCIS to approve his Certificate of Citizenship. Mr. R now has proof of being a U.S. citizen and never needs to look over his shoulder for ICE again. Result by Mr. Mathur.

  • Prostitution Case Dismissal Agreement
    Mr. P was facing a prostitution charge. The humiliation of such a charge, his reputation, his marriage and his immigration status was at stake. The prosecutor refused to dismiss the case. Mr. P requested that Mr. Mathur take over the file. Mr. Mathur took over the file and within a week secured a dismissal agreement. Result by Mr. Mathur.
  • Big Recovery Against Employer
    Mr. Y hired MLO after his employer stopped paying him monies owed to him for work done on behalf of the company. Mr. Y was owed over $230,000.00 from his employer. Mr. Beuerlein demanded payment from the employer and then filed suit against the employer after the employer ignored the demand. Mr. Beuerlein thereafter negotiated a settlement and the Court entered an agreed judgment against the employer in the amount of $250,000.00 which included 100% of the principal balance owed to Mr. Y plus his attorney’s fees. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Beuerlein.
  • Slam Dunk in Divorce Court
    Ms. S hired Mathur Law Offices to assist her with her divorce case. Married with an eighteen-month old child, her husband had abandoned her and her child. Mr. Beuerlein obtained a trial setting and sought a Judgment against the husband. At the last minute, Ms. S's husband hired a lawyer and tried to contest issues at trial. Mr Beuerlein objected on the delay and technical ground to the last-minute appearance. The Judge granted all custody and divorce issues in favor of Ms. S. Result by Mr. Beuerlein and Mr. Mathur.
  • Criminal Assault Dismissed
    Mr. W came to see Mr. Mathur and was referred by a trusted friend. Mr. W was accused of assaulting a fellow tenant of his apartment complex. After reviewing the case, Mr. Mathur ordered the subpoena of the surveillance tapes. The tapes showed that Mr. W was innocent and on the day of trial the case was dismissed! Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. De La Garza.
  • Husband Gets Home Back in Divorce Proceedings! Family Law
    Mr. D was forced to leave his home when an argument broke out with his wife. Mr. D came to Mathur Law Offices for help to get a divorce from his wife. Despite putting his wife on the deed to the home, Mr. D stated that he needed his home back because his children from his prior marriage were coming home for the Summer. During a temporary orders hearing, Mr. Mathur argued that his wife, and her children from a prior marriage, should leave the home. The Court agreed and Mr. D got his home back for his children and his wife was ordered to move to an apartment! Result by Mr. Mathur!
  • Father Regains Custody! Family Law
    Mr. G came to visit Mr. Mathur in January as his divorce case was in shambles. Mr. G's wife had filed first and during the initial hearings had won exclusive possession and conservatorship of the children with no visitation rights to Mr. G. Additionally, his wife was granted the house, spousal support and child support. Mr. Mathur worked on the case personally for the last three (3) months and in that time settled the case with Mr. G regaining possession rights and creating joint conservatorship over his children and maintaining all of $111,000.00 in retirement account benefits. Result by Mr. Mathur.
  • Motion to Dismiss Withdrawn! Family Law
    Ms. A came to visit Mr. Mathur on recommendation from a friend. Ms. A was involved in a divorce and, according to her, her prior counsel had not been satisfactory. One of the problems she faced was a motion to dismiss her case in relation to money to be awarded. With only a few days on the job, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson filed a strong response to the motion and requested sanctions for the opposing side filing the motion in the first place. Upon receiving the response and Mr. Mathur's correspondence regarding the same, the other side voluntarily withdrew their own motion. Result by Mr. Mathur and Mr. Stevenson.
  • Got the job done in a very professional manner Family Law
    Anamika is an excellent and very thorough attorney who looks at every possible angle of a case. I found her knowledge of the law and courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. It is very comforting to have an attorney whom you can trust during what are typically difficult personal issues. My divorce was as painless as possible because of Anamika. Anamika was a professional all the way.I recommend her highly. Regards, K
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More Results

Representation Delivered on a Personal Basis

Part of what makes the Mathur Law Offices, P.C. such a distinct firm is that we constantly serve a diverse clientele in multiple practice areas. Working with individuals, families, and business professionals from all walks of life has instilled in our legal team immeasurable insight into a wide range of legal matters and the legal creativity needed to resolve them accordingly.

No client who comes to our firm will ever be treated impersonally, will ever have to hunt us down for information about their case, or will ever feel as if they are anything less than our top priority. Not only does this client-centric approach allow our Dallas attorneys to make our clients' legal experiences less stressful, it also enables us to create strategies designed to help their unique circumstances.

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Diversity in Clients, Equity in Justice

Since the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., was first founded by Mr. Sanjay Mathur in 1999, our Dallas lawyers have been continually and successfully guiding local residents, families, and businesses through their unique legal journeys. We are a firm that was established on the belief that each and every client deserves the highest quality representation possible.

Our practice focuses on providing unmatched personal attention, custom counsel and assistance at each stage of the process. If you are in search of a law firm that truly values your needs, draws from decades of experience when handling your case, and aggressively fights for the best possible terms, look no further than the Mathur Law Offices, P.C.

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We believe each and every client deserves the highest quality representation possible.

What to Expect From Mathur Law Offices, P.C.

  • A legal team with a wide breadth of legal knowledge
  • An emphasis on making your needs our top priority
  • Personalized, unwavering commitment to you
  • A team with unmatched experience and versatility
  • Compassionate and genuine service

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When you choose to work with the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., you will gain access to an experienced network of support that is constantly working towards resolving your case. We encourage you to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your unique case, our legal team, and the ways in which we can be of assistance.

From our office location in Dallas, we regularly service clients throughout the region, including Fort Worth, Tyler, Denton and the surrounding Texas communities. Take a proactive approach toward reaching your goals.

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