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At Mathur Law Offices, P.C., we understand the importance of a hiring the right attorney - that's why our team is dedicated to providing the best legal guidance and representation that we can offer. Like any decision, finding the best lawyer for your case can be difficult; but careful research can help you obtain the topnotch representation that you need and deserve. Our client testimonials reflect the quality of legal service that we have provided in the past and are ready to put to work for you.

With Mathur Law Offices, P.C., you can have peace of mind knowing that a skilled Dallas attorney will be by your side through every step of the legal process. You don't have to take our word for it though; read the following client testimonials to see what our past clients say about our legal service or call our office to see what Mathur Law Offices, P.C. can do for you!

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  • There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how happy I feel and for everything you have done for me so far.

    Hi Kimberly and Sanjay, I want to take the time to thank you for your hard work and dedication with my case. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how happy I feel and for everything you have done for me so far.

    Kimberly, thank you for always keeping me up to date with my case (by email and phone) and for your professional positive attitude. I’m happy you were assigned to my case. I really appreciate you’re always present in all my meetings with Sanjay taking notes. 😀

    Sanjay, your hard work and experience changes people lives for the better (example my life). You are an inspiration to others and your firm has always treated me with exceptional customer service.

    For example, Yvette has been great (who has assisted me with processing my payments), Alberto also great (who has assisted me notarizing any documents), and the receptionist (always making sure I am taking care off when I walk into the office). The list can go on and on. 😀

    I will be submitting my positive review and also start the retainer for the Immigration case. Alberto is sending me the retainer paperwork.

    Thank you for everything so far.


  • I came looking for a lawyer but walking out gaining a friend for life.

    Dear Julio:

    I came looking for a lawyer but walking out gaining a friend for life. I sincerely wish you all the best and cannot thank Mr. Mathur enough for appointing you to represent me.

    We shall keep in touch.


  • Citizenship

    “If would like to give a five star review to Ms.Yvette from the Mathur law offices..Yvette was very helpful, she answered all my questions with such great attitude she’s very friendly she made sure I understood everything she was telling me..I’m so great full there’s employees like her..Thanks once again Yvette..”

    Sanchez Family

  • Excellent communication

    “Just booked an appointment by talking to Yvette. It was really a nice experience as she was really polite and kept patient throughout. Looking forward to talk to one of the attorneys. :)”

  • Citizenship Granted!

    Hi Sanjay! I just received the letter in the mail about the approval for Citizenship! I think everybody heard me jumping for joy!! I was so nervous to open the letter at first! I screamed at the top of my lungs! " oh yeah!!!" . This has always been a dream for me to be a Citizen since I first arrived from Mexico, & I still feel like I'm am still dreaming! but now it has become a reality!! All my friends & family are super excited for me.

    I want to thank you Sanjay and everybody at Mathur law office, Kymberly prepared me & made feel confident to walk into the interview and ace it. I also want to thank Alberto for confidently moving forward with the expunction, and he assured me we would be in the lead.

    everything landed in place perfectly, thank you so much Sanjay, it has been a pleasure working with you & your firm.

    I will send pictures of my oath for sure! I will be a citizen & ready to start a fresh new life for 2021!!


  • One word: Fantastic

    “When I found out my husband was cheating on me, I was looking for A lawyer to get divorced. Brandon guided me so the whole legal battle which a turned out to be and was always there was compassionate and competent advice. With his help I was able win the case. I can only highly recommend Brandon and this law firm and will continue to use Mathur Law Offices in the future.”

    J. Gomez

  • Five star experience and one of the best professionals to deal with!

    “Five-star experience and one of the best professionals to deal with! Yes, Sanjay Mathur is one of the best lawyers. He's Their team has been working on my case for 2 years. He's a very knowledgeable and professional lawyer with tons of experience. He is well known as one of the best in our community. If you’ll decide on hiring Sanjay and his team, you won’t regret it. He helped me get my citizenship on a very complicated case recently. And trust me, without him I wouldn’t be united with my family today! His staff is amazing, knowledgeable and available when needed. I had a positive experience and will recommend to my family and friends. Thank you for all your hard work. You guys are the best!!”


  • Legal advice

    “Rosie Chavez was of a great assistance to me. She encouraged when I felt all Hope was gone. Lifted up my spirit and ensured me all will go well. Chatting with her regarding my issue was a blessing I will always remember”

    Ima Friday

  • Good vibes

    “I just wanted to leave a review for the exceptional customer service, kudos to Yvette! Thank you so much for your knowledge and positive attitude.”

  • Five Star Service from the Team

    “Five Star service from Gilbert and his team. I am happy with the way they handled my D.V case and helped dismiss it on time. Communication throughout the process was great.”


  • Citizenship

    “Although the entire process was rather long, Mathur Law Offices has certainly made everything very easy for us as I transitioned into being a US Citizen. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that they have done for us, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is wanting to become a US Citizen. Rosie is a very wonderful receptionist, who is always upbeat, and welcoming to anyone who calls in or comes in for an interview. All of the lawyers that we have dealt with have been very professional, and straight forward with us. I'm really glad that we have chosen Mathur Law Offices for my citizenship journey. Thank you, Mathur Team, for all that you have done. Keep up the really excellent work.”


  • Criminal

    “Thank you Yvette. You were very helpful when I called. I appreciate taking time to answer my questions. You were very helpful. Thanks, once again!”

    Lupe Flores

  • I know you will do justice to this matter.

    Dear Mr. Mathur,

    Thank you for your email. I have attended to the request from Alberto as well as responded to Michael’s email.

    I want to state that with over 400 5-star reviews, situations like this are what separate Mathur Law firm from others.

    Thank you for your understanding in taking up this case and I know you will do justice to this matter.

    Thank you



  • Very Caring, Knowledgeable & Professional team of Attorneys, Paralegals & staff

    “I worked with Mrs. Anamika Sinha in past. She was the best in her area of expertise. She was very concerned In resolving the queries or doubts i had. I will strongly recommend her & Mathur Law in doing what are best at .”

    Naga C

  • Highly Recommended

    “Anamika Sinha has worked on my case and she is extremely thorough and very helpful and kind. She has always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner and was very good at following up on my case. I would recommend her and Mathur Law offices confidently!”

    Anu B

  • Great customer service

    “Rosie is very polite, great customer service. I came nervous to discuss my case but she welcomed me and made me feel very confortable and more secure.”


  • Citizenship

    “Ignatius, and his team, did a wonderful job on my journey to becoming a naturalized US citizen. They were there with my husband and I from the very beginning, until the Oath Ceremony. In the beginning, we had a wonderful consultation with Sanjay, where he explained everything step by step, and they presented all the necessary paperwork to the government for each step that we took. Part of our journey was with Anamika, where she helped us get through the first 2 parts of the legal process, and the final part was with Ignatius, who assisted us with the naturalization part. Thank you, Ignatius, for being there with me during the interview process. Your presence helped to ease my mind.”


  • The Best Help

    “Helped me with several cases I could not have done it without them.”


  • Thank you Laura

    “I want to thank Laura Byno. She was very helpful on every step of the way in my legal challenge. Her recommendations were always up to the point and in my best interest. I always got update whenever needed, she was always available to help me. I really appreciate all her help.”


  • I give it 5 stars!

    Mathur law has great service - I give it 5 stars.

    Thank you!


  • Thank you, Erika!

    “My wife and I were very pleased to work with Erika Lopez. She was very thorough, detail-oriented, friendly, patient and helpful. We felt she had our best interest in helping making sure everything was done correctly. She also returned all our phone calls promptly, answered all our questions, and guided us through the whole process with so much patience and professionalism. Thank you Erika for your kindness, you made us feel like family and not to mention comfortable dealing with this process.”


  • Dismissal on DWI

    Thank you, thanks to Julio and the staff. It hasn't quite sunk in yet given how long it's been up in the air hanging over my head. For a year or so l kept wondering; concerned about the implications but today, l am the happiest guy in The Colony. As l have mentioned before, my excitement was really elevated, the very first meeting l had with Julio. The perspectives he brought, the vigor and much more. I knew l was in good hands. Thanks to you, thanks to Julio, thanks to the staff. Have a great weekend.


  • Timely addressal

    “Yvette has been helpful in making quick appointment with Attorney”


  • You made my dreams a reality

    “Anamika, I want to express my utmost appreciation for assisting me and my fiancé with the K1 Visa process. My fiancé is from Brazil and we just received the approval for her visa, her interview was successful and now we can finally live our dream and be together. Anamika you made this process so simple and easy, it was a pleasure and we now look forward to the next journey as we get married and ultimately she becomes a USA citizen. I feel extremely comfortable knowing that you will be with us all through this process. We are overcome with joy and happiness. Thank you!!!! Brian”

    Brian Jackson

  • A million thanks to everyone at Mathur Law Firm

    This is RXXX mom and I wanted you to know that yesterday I received his Employment Authorization card. A million thanks to everyone at Mathur Law Firm! Honestly, I'm speechless at how you treat every case with such professionalism. We are very happy and will definitely use your firm again.


  • The Right Team

    “Great team and always there to answer your questions. Most times when I call , I happen to get connected with Yvette. She has always been easy to work with and always looking for ways to make sure that I have a great experience. The legal expertise assigned to my case are all wonderful and willing to listen and offer recommendations. I will recommend this Law firm to anyone seeking legal services.”


  • 5 stars

    “I will give 5 stars to this office .Very professional team , Mr Sanjay Mathur is a gem . He approached our case with all the sincerity and concern. He is very very knowledgeable. ”


  • You immediately gave us confidence, and hope in your firm's ability to help us with our needs.

    “Sanjay, I want to thank you, Brandon, your whole firm and even Alberto! When my son and I walked in your office on April 7th 2016 we were completely terrified with the legal matters that we were facing. We met with you and you immediately gave us confidence, and hope in your firms ability to help us with our needs. Your firm provided us with the best legal representation that money can buy and it was worth every dime ! You kept us informed, you thoroughly explained all our options good or bad, and that is greatly appreciated! I can’t say enough good things about Brandon he is a great family law attorney after a 2 1/2 year custody battle, you and him delivered my son majority custody of our granddaughter and for that I am eternally grateful! Hopefully I won’t be needing any attorneys in the future but it’s a great feeling to know That Mathur Law Office is just a phone call away!”


  • Thank you Ivette

    “I just want to thank Ivette. She was so sweet. She takes care of all my questions. Everyone in this attorney’s office have been beyond amazing! 5 star”

    Susana Karr

  • Great

    “Dana our lawyer was great. She told us to ask for the moon but not expect it. She got us the moon. Dana is not afraid to go after what is yours she came through for us. Thank you Dana”

    William bassham

  • Yvette Lopez

    “Yvette is always very helpful when I call and if I can't reach anyone she makes a note and makes sure I get a response within that same day. Just wanted to say Thank you Yvette for caring and taking care of us clients..”

    Elizabeth Juarez

  • I appreciate all the help everyone gave me.

    “I want to thank you and everyone from Mathur Law for the effort and exceptional treatment I was given. This was my first time having to use a lawyer and I appreciate all the help everyone gave me. Thank you again!”


  • legal advice

    “Rosie Chavez was so very nice and went beyond to understand what was needing since I were a bit emotional. She lifted my spirit and was very knowledgeable to assist me in the important matter that was needed to be addressed. Thank You”

    Erica Ross

  • Thank You, Yvette

    “Thank you Yvette for taking the time this morning, to hear me out and assuring me that the firm and its lawyers are responsive to their client needs. As a new client, I certainly felt reassured of my decision to hire your firm.”


  • Extremely professional and kindhearted service.

    “I sought legal consultation at Mathur Law Offices and was just blown away by the wonderful customer experience Rosie provided each time I came into the office. When I met with Anamika, she explained everything thoroughly and helped me complete forms I messed up, staying well past 5 PM to make sure everything was correct. I cannot recommend Mathur Law Offices enough!”


  • You truly have put all my worries to rest!

    “I want to thank you so much for all the help you have provided us. You are amazing to take the time to call and answer questions that have been worrying me from couple of weeks. You truly have put all my worries to rest by taking necessary steps, for that I’m very thankful (and the entire team).”


  • This was the best experience of our lives!

    “Hello Sanjay, Ignatius and Anamika, Appreciate your seamless efforts; all the way for the outcome and results of our Naturalization Application. This was the best experience of our lives and you have helped us achieve it. I am short of words for now but surely reviews will follow suit. Heartiest Thanks!”


  • She is amazing, very respectful, and kind

    “She really helped me feel understood and gave me hope with my situation. She was able to give me the resources to move forward with my case.”


  • Five Star Service from the Team.

    “Five Star service from Gilbert and his team. I am happy with the way they handled my D.V case and helped dismiss it on time. Communication throughout the process was great.”


  • Because of you, I am home with my family.

    “Dear Michael Zumberg, We sincerely thank you for all that you have done - you were truly amazing! Because of you, I am home with my family. I thank you so much and pray that god blesses you for everything you have done.”


  • I am truly grateful for everything you have done.

    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding legal assistance you and your team have provided during my immigration process. Your collective efforts, professionalism, and commitment have been invaluable.

    From the very beginning, you demonstrated a deep understanding of the case, ensuring a smooth and successful journey. Your team's meticulous attention to detail, prompt communication, and compassionate approach have truly made a positive impact on my experience.

    I am sincerely grateful for the exceptional work done by your entire team. Please extend my heartfelt appreciation to each member for their dedication, efficiency, and support.

    Once again, thank you for your exceptional legal assistance and the hard work of your team. I am truly grateful for everything you have done.


  • Thank you Sanje and Yvette!

    “Was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed about my situation and after speaking with Sanje, he certainly made me feel better and I knew he was the attorney for me. Yvette made the lawfirm intake process very easy and ensured I felt comfortable and knowledgeable every step of the way!”


  • Mathurs law firm, well this guys not only bark but they bite real hard, the pitbulls of law.

    “God has blessed you with so much, and me give you After about 20 yrs of looking over my shoulders i am now a u.s citizen. I had felonies, 1 prior deportation and prison time. My hired him friday and on the following monday i was kicked out of a detention center, in two weeks i am going to my. Swear in ceremony. You sir our a blessing. May God bless you and keep you in his hands. To bad they only go as high as a five star. You deserve more”


  • We find very few human beings like you in this world who are passionate about their profession and truly help their clients.

    “Appreciate all your expertise and hard work. We find very few human beings like you in this world who are passionate about their profession and truly help their clients. Your firm changed my opinion on Attorneys with my past experience. I will continue to refer your firm to any and everyone that I come across need legal advise or help.”