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Federal Register Issues Three New Notices Concerning New Immigration Regulations


The Federal Register, is a daily journal that informs the public of the latest news from federal legislators, government officials, and other legal issues that may pertain to your current situation, especially if you have an immigration matter.

On August 7, 2015, Federal Register issued three notices concerning immigration matters. Below, you can read more information about these notices.

Application to File Declaration of Intention, Form N-300

USCIS has proposed revisions to a currently approved collection. This form is for permanent residents to formally announce their intentions to become United States citizens. You will need to supply your current permanent resident card, as well as provide two color passport style photographs of yourself. Comments will be welcome about this collection for 60 days, or until October 5, 2015. View the notice here.

Forms G-1041 and G-1041A: Genealogy Index Search Request and Genealogy Records Request

Form G-1041 will be used to expedite an individual's request to index search and records of the genealogy. G-1041A must be completed if requesting a copy of historical records from USCIS. To view more information about the information collection in the notice, click here.

Nondiscrimination in Matters Pertaining to Faith-Based Organizations

This is a proposed regulation to allow faith-based organizations the ability to apply for federal assistance, in an equal manner as nonreligious organizations. This will be done with respect to the constitutional agreement that church and state will remain divded, but also offers faith-based organizations rights that are more consistent with the First Amendment. Read more about this notice here.

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