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How can a DWI affect your insurance?


A drunk driving conviction can come with heavy fines and jail time—additionally, you could face much higher monthly premiums for your car insurance since you are considered much more of a risk to insure. Your insurer may choose to drop your coverage altogether for this reason.

Most of those convicted of drunk driving will need to obtain an SR-22 form from their insurance company to prove to the DMV that they have viable liability insurance. To remove your license suspension which occurs upon your arrest, you will need to obtain the SR-22 form.

Not all DUIs are the same and whether your insurer will drop your coverage depends on the factors of your case. You may only receive a moderate rate increase if your driving record is relative clean otherwise. If you have other DUI convictions, however, your rates could go up exponentially. Such increases and even affect your life insurance premiums.

While there is a small chance your DUI may go unnoticed by your insurance company, whether due to poor communication between the courts and the DMV or your conviction is erased by attending traffic school, you should not count on this happening and reach out to a criminal defense attorney to counsel you through your arrest.

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