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EB-5 Program Funding Extended Until Feb. 8


After three days of negotiations on Capitol Hill, congress finally voted to end the shutdown and reopen the U.S. government on January 23. One major take away from the government shutdown is that President Trump extended federal funding for the EB-5 Program until February 8, 2018.

As of now, it is expected that no major changes will be made to the EB-5 Program. However, Congress has merely extended the program and will most likely revisit any potential issues before April 2017. Many experts believe that revisions to the EB-5 program are inevitable, but the program will continue in a viable form.

The extension of the EB-5 Program is great news for investors abroad, though uncertainty remains about the future of the program. Because the EB-5 is not a permanent program, there is no guarantee for how long it will be able to exist. In addition to the stability of the program, many people have begun to speculate that the minimum investment amount will increase by over 100%.

In fact, about 125 potential changes have been suggested for the program. Suggested changes include increasing the required investment amounts to $800,000, revising the Targeted Employment Area requirements, and clarifying the Regional Center designations. There is also legislation in the works that might limit the number EB-5 visas to certain areas for rural projects, urban development, and manufacturing.

The EB-5 program is a very important program for immigrants and American businesses. The program has been proven to attract skilled laborers and capital, and has helped generate jobs for the United States. The demand for the EB-5 visa is increasing every day, so don’t be left behind. If you are interested in an investor visa, you should immediately consult with our attorneys.

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