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Department of Homeland Security Orders a Deportation Pause for Biden’s First 100 Days

David Pekoske Takes Big Strides Right Out the Gate

After his socially-distanced inauguration under the bright Washington DC sky, President Biden got to work fulfilling his campaign promises – most of them involving the overturning of Trump-era decisions. Carrying his same determination to start his work immediately is David Pekoske.

David Pekoske is the acting Homeland Security Secretary. After being designated secretary by Biden on the day of his inauguration, Pekoske set forth with the goal of conducting a thorough review of current immigration policies and practices.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a statement saying that, for 100 days starting on January 22, 2021, removal of certain noncitizens who were ordered to be deported would be temporarily halted. This waiting period is intended to provide the DHS with the time they need to reevaluate current protocol and ensure that practices are fair and effectively protect national security and border security, as well as public safety.

Not all immigrants are protected during this 100-day term. It does not apply to:

  • Individuals who are a threat to national security
  • Suspected terrorists
  • Those who had an “individualized determination” by the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that removal is required
  • Those who waive their right to stay in the United States
  • Those who were not in the United States before November 1

The halt is only part of the work the Biden administration plans to complete to protect immigrants and their aspirations for a new life in the United States.

On his first day in office, President Biden made more progress in immigration policy:

  • Offered new guidance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to put an end to the Trump administration’s family separation policy
  • Provided protection for Liberian immigrants, defending those living in the United States from deportation
  • Repealed the “Muslim Ban,” which imposed restrictions for travel from Muslim-majority countries to the United States
  • Revoked a Trump-era executive order that required anyone in the country illegally to be acted upon
  • Revoked Trump’s 2018 declaration of national emergency and halted construction of the US-Mexico border wall.
  • Signed an executive order calling for Congress to pave the way for an eight-year path to citizenship for DACA participants

Hopefully, these impactful strides in his first hours as president are foretelling of the progress Biden will make in the rest of his term.