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Immigration Backlog Forces USCIS to Change How It Prioritizes Requests


Due to unprecedented delays at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the resulting volume of requests for case assistance the agency has received, local offices have shifted how they prioritize the requests that are outside of processing times. Although USCIS says this move will ensure their intervention is most effective, it really means that unless your claim with them falls into a certain category, your local USCIS office won’t be able to assist you.

USCIS will ignore your case inquiry if you do not meet the following criteria:

  • Your request is for USCIS notices or decisions you haven’t received
  • You are a noncitizen who will “age-out” within 90 days
  • Your case involves U.S. military personnel or their family members
  • There was a clear USCIS error
  • You are in removal proceedings with a hearing scheduled within 6 months
  • There was a delay with USCIS sending your approved petition to the U.S. Department of State’s National Visa Center
  • You filed an expedited request that was approved by USCIS more than 2 months ago

If the only issue you are encountering is that your case is outside USCIS’ published processing times, then you are ineligible for timely individual case assistance. Only USCIS can grant a request for expedited processing. The criteria for expedited processing can be found here.

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