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30,000 Immigrants Allowed Per Month from Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, and Venezuela

On January 5, 2023, the Biden Administration issued a policy allowing 30,000 immigrants into the U.S. per month from Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, and Venezuela. The plan to allow immigrants in legally starts at the Department of State. Immigrants who come to the country illegally will not be eligible and will be ordered removed from the U.S. Border.

The attempt to control migration at the U.S. border has both a “carrot” and a “stick.” The “stick” is that if you come to the border illegally, you will likely be ordered removed and subjected to a five (5) year penalty from coming back to the U.S. legally. The “carrot” is that if you stay in your own country and apply, you may be admitted to the U.S. with work authorization and a grant to stay for two (2) years. The latter “carrot” comes through a legal parole process.

Applicants who seek legal admission to the U.S. must remain in their own countries and not seek to enter the U.S. illegally. Applicants must pass background checks and must also have a U.S. financial sponsor.

Those interested in assisting a person in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, or Cuba should call the Mathur Law Offices for assistance at 1-866-BE-LEGAL.

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