How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?

Sadly enough, domestic violence is a common cause for divorce between two spouses. To make matters worse, this domestic violence, also known as family violence, can impact the abusive parent's ability to see and interact with their child. Because Texas places a high importance on the best interests of the child when creating child custody orders, a history of domestic violence is always a determining factor in the outcome of custody arrangements.

If the court is creating custody orders and your former spouse has committed acts of domestic violence while you were married, it is important to understand how this can affect your future and the future of your child. You should never have to fear for the safety of your family.

Domestic Violence as it Relates to Child Custody

Domestic violence can be any act done by a family member to cause harm, injury, or sexual assault to another family member and usually involves one parent. A history or pattern of domestic violence leads to one pattern being banned from ever being given custody of the child.

In order for the abusive parent to be given custody rights, the court must determine that the child's physical and mental health would remain intact and that the child's best interests are upheld at all times. A protective order is also necessary under such circumstances.

If the abusive parent is given visitation rights, the visits are generally always supervised so that the child is protected. In the most serious cases, the abusive parent's rights may cease altogether. This can happen if the parent has been sexually abusive or if the child was critically injured.

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