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Texas Gun Laws: An Overview


The state of Texas is well-known for its liberal gun laws. Of note is the fact that Texas does not have a waiting period on purchasing guns, although several types of guns are illegal in the state. Texas also lets any qualified applicant carry a concealed firearm with a permit.

Those in favor of a broad interpretation to the Second Amendment believe it is a guarantee for Americans to own firearms for protection, and that firearm registration can be used by an oppressive government to confiscate firearms.

Restrictions are placed on the type of gun which may purchase and who may be allowed to purchase a firearm. Convicted felons within five years of release or parole, minors without parental permission, and those confined to penal institutions are barred from obtaining a firearm.

Texas also bans any firearms sales on or near schools. Exceptions can be made for law enforcement officials and those with permits to carry a concealed firearm.

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