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Travel Ban 2.0


President Trump’s travel ban will go into effect as of 8 P.M. CT on Thursday, June 29th. Dubbed the travel ban 2.0, people reacted quite adversely to the first version of this law. The fierce opposition and litigation that surrounded the first attempt at a travel ban led to months of debate in court. The updated travel ban has now been officially decided upon, and will ban people from the following countries from entering the United States: Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.

The Supreme Court has ruled this ban to apply to all people in the above countries, unless someone has a credible claim of a legitimate relationship with either a school, job, or family member. The family relationship must be a parent, child, or spouse--fiancées, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and any other extended family members will not be allowed under the executive order.

If you are unable to establish a close relationship, you will be banned for 90 days. Refugees from all other countries will be banned for 120 days. This criteria also applies to all refugees currently awaiting approval for admission to the United States. However, the guidelines are subject to change, as they have not yet been posted by the Department of Homeland Security or the State Department.

The following travelers are excluded from the travel ban:

  • US citizens
  • Legal permanent residents with a green card
  • Current visa holders
  • Any visa applicant who was in the United States as of June 26
  • Dual nationals
  • Anyone granted asylum
  • Any refugee already admitted to the US
  • Foreign nationals with legitimate family, educational or business tie to the United States

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