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Survey Studies Driver Distraction Nationwide, Texas Ranks Low for Safety


A recently-concluded study from Zendrive, a company that creates applications that measure driving behaviors in hopes to encourage safe practices, has found that nearly 9-out-of-10 drivers at least look at their smartphones once while behind the wheel. It concluded that 88% of trips were interrupted by cellphone use.

It also ranked each state in driver safety. Texas was placed as the 17th worst state in the country. Drivers in the Lone Star State reportedly spend about three-and-a-half minutes of road time looking at smartphone instead of the street ahead during the typical hour-long drive. In comparison, Vermont was reported as the worst state for distracted drivers, with average motorist looking at or using a smartphone 7% of the time while behind the wheel. Oregon was deemed the most safe with people using cellphones only 3.5% of the time they were driving, which is still not ideal.

Many survey participants in Texas told Zendrive that they used their cellphones during drives for a variety of reasons, including listening to music, checking social media, or keeping themselves available in case of an emergency. A police spokesperson out of Garland, just northeast of Dallas, stated that there is nothing as important in that moment as driving safely. Indeed, trying to be ready to answer an emergency call could very well likely create another emergency altogether if a car accident occurs.

The problem of distracted driving does not seem to show any signs of going away. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have tracked a steady increase in distracted driving behaviors since 2011. Young and inexperienced drivers were found to be the most likely to use smartphones while driving, despite them being the motorists who need to pay attention the most. It is estimated that more than 3,000 Americans lose their lives in distracted driving accidents each year.

(For more information about the Zendrive study, you can click here to visit an article published by CBS DFW news. Useful data about distracted driving accidents and hazards can also be found on the CDC website.)

Dependable Representation After a Distracted Driving Accident

Parties injured in distracted driving accidents are rarely offered the coverage or compensation they need to recover, even though the collision occurred at no fault of their own. In order to set things right and start down the path of recuperation and rest, the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer is often necessary.

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