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Sanjay Mathur Recognized as 2018 AIOLC's 10 Best Immigration Attorneys


Attorney Sanjay Mathur of Mathur Law Offices in Dallas has a reputation for providing immigration case clients with truly compassionate and effective legal counsel and representation. As someone born outside of the United States himself, Sanjay has experienced the immigration system firsthand and does everything he can to make certain others manage it with as little complications as possible.

Thanks to his continual dedication to excellence and his unwavering focus on client success, Attorney Mathur was recently named one of the 2018 “10 Best” Immigration Attorneys in Texas by The American Institute Of Legal Counsel (AIOLC). As an organization with a focus on fairly rating and recognizing leading legal minds, an AIOLC award is truly a high honor for Attorney Mathur. From everyone at our law firm, we would like to congratulate him on this achievement, as well as thanking everyone who made it possible. Appreciation, of course, must be given to our clients, who have helped him refine his legal abilities throughout the years.

More About the AIOLC

To become a chosen member of the AIOLC for a given year, an attorney must first be evaluated through a famously-strict selection process. The organization uses peer and client nominations to begin its search for the “10 Best” of a practice field and of a particular state. It also conducts independent research to either affirm or dismiss the statements given in nominations. By the time the selection process is concluded, people across the country can use the listing as a simple way of finding a trustworthy attorney for their case.

To learn more about the AIOLC, you can click here to visit the group’s official website. If you would like to know more about Attorney Mathur, Mathur Law Offices, and our immigration law services, please do not hesitate to call us at 888.867.5191 to schedule a case evaluation.