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Federal Judge Rules that Chad Wolf’s DACA Changes Are Invalid

Dreamers Breathe a Sigh of Relief After July Scare

The fate of Dreamers and hopeful Dreamer applicants was threatened this summer. Luckily, their future in this country is granted a bit more security after a federal judge ruled that Chad Wolf was acting out of turn when he introduced limitations for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program applications and renewals.

Chad Wolf, who was designated as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security on November 13, 2019 by Donald Trump, made bold efforts to further the administration’s push for stricter immigration policies. Chad Wolf’s July announcement stated that:

  • No new DACA applications would be accepted
  • DACA renewals would be limited to one year rather than two

This memo, which was regarded by many as an effort to buy time as the administration sought to make more impactful changes, was dismissed in November.

The Reason for Rejection

The Government Accountability Office reported that Wolf’s appointment is part of an invalid order of succession. Though currently serving in an acting capacity, Chad Wolf was not confirmed as the secretary of Homeland Security when he announced these limitations. A Maryland judge found that, as his appointment was never confirmed, Wolf’s service was likely unlawful.

Wolf is the fifth secretary of the Department of Homeland Security during Trump’s presidency. Only two of the former Trump-era secretaries had been confirmed by the Senate.

Past Attempts to Squander DACA

This past attempt by Chad Wolf to interfere with the future of Dreamers was not an isolated event. Since the early days of his campaign for the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump and his administration have been steadfast about imposing harsher restrictions on immigration.

In 2017, the administration attempted to end the program completely. This attempt was eventually squashed by the U.S. Supreme Court in June. Trump’s administration was quick to respond in July when Wolf released his memo.

Wolf’s policies and position will likely garner further skepticism as he continues to serve without proper confirmation.

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