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Truck Accident Attorneys in Dallas

Helping You Obtain the Compensation You Deserve

The trucking industry is an essential component of our economy. However, when negligence is at play, a commercial truck can be a deadly force on the road. It is estimated that 77,000 injuries and 4,321 deaths are caused by accidents involving commercial trucks every year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, contact the team at Mathur Law Offices, P.C. in Dallas. Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and track record of success you can feel confident in.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are substantially more dangerous than most other accidents that occur on the road due to the size and weight of these commercial vehicles.

Below are some of the most common causes of these terrible accidents:

  • Driver error: Although there are several other causes of truck accidents, driver error is by far the most common one. Given the impossible deadlines they are often expected to meet, it is no wonder why truck driver fatigue is still a massive problem, despite strict regulations.
  • Equipment failure: In some cases, the parts on a truck fail while on the road, resulting in an accident. Under these circumstances, a number of different parties can potentially face liability.
  • Improper maintenance: Unlike most passenger vehicles, commercial trucks are put through the wringer and drive thousands of miles on a near-daily basis. To ensure they can safely make these lengthy trips, regular maintenance is essential. Unfortunately, if the truck is not properly maintained, an accident can occur.
  • Incorrect cargo loading: There is a right and a wrong way to load cargo onto a commercial truck, according to industry rules and regulations. When these rules are ignored, cargo can fall off the truck, onto the road, and result in a devastating accident.

Who is Liable?

While liability is generally clearer in most motor vehicle accidents, it is less clear in a truck accident case. Depending on the cause of the accident, more than one party might be at fault for your injuries, which is why it is imperative to hire an experienced truck accident attorney.

Here are some of the parties who might be held liable:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The truck driver’s employer
  • The owner of the truck
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The cargo loader

It is not uncommon for more than one of the aforementioned parties to be held liable for injuries sustained in a truck accident. For example, if the truck driver disregarded the hours of service regulations and the employer encouraged this behavior to ensure certain unrealistic deadlines were met, they might both be held liable if the driver’s fatigue caused the accident.

Discuss the Details of Your Case with a Truck Accident Attorney

The injuries sustained in truck accidents are often catastrophic and life-altering, requiring continued medical care. At Mathur Law Offices, P.C. in Dallas, our truck accident attorneys have decades of experience and are committed to providing high-quality representation for every client we represent.

Contact us today at (888) 867-5191 to set up a consultation.

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