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Understanding the Divorce Process in Texas

Knowing What to Expect

Filing for divorce can be a stressful experience that creates many concerns about the future. At the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., our Dallas family lawyers, are intent on clarifying every aspect of the divorce process so that our clients know exactly what to expect. Additionally, we remain close by the sides of our clients throughout each stage of the process, all while explaining the elements involved and how it relates to their specific situation.

You are not alone if you are unfamiliar with the Texas divorce process. Complex, filled with dense paperwork, and fraught with many procedures and deadlines, the divorce process may certainly appear overwhelming to those just beginning to explore the matter. Our legal team has outlined the basic process to help local Dallas / Fort Worth residents become acquainted with what they can expect.

What to Expect When Getting a Divorce

Petition for Divorce
The divorce process will officially begin when one spouse files an original petition for divorce with the court. In order to be eligible to file a petition, one of the partners must have lived continuously in the state for at least 6 months and continuously in the jurisdiction in which the petition is filed for at least 90 days. When the petition is filed, the divorce papers will be served to the other spouse. If the spouses are filing together, such as in an uncontested divorce, a waiver can be signed so that the other partner does not need to be served the divorce papers.

Temporary Orders (Optional)
If requested, either spouse can file for a temporary order that will remain in effect from the time of filing a petition to the date that the divorce is finalized by the court. Temporary orders may include protective orders or orders for temporary child custody and child support, among others.

If necessary, each spouse, and their legal representatives, can exchange information and documents regarding each side of the case. The discovery process can allow each spouse to better determine the assets involved, how they may pursue property distribution, and other matters.

Settlement or Trial
Depending on the situation, spouses may reach a settlement through mediation, in which they reach agreements on their own, or pursue a judgment by trial. While our firm often seeks to help clients settle their divorce through settlement, as it is less invasive and quicker, we also know that amicable resolutions may not always be an option. When this is the case, we use our extensive litigation experience to fight for our clients' best interests.

Finalization of the Divorce
Once final determinations or agreements are established for all issues pertaining to the divorce, the court will grant a Decree of Divorce, which finalizes the divorce process. The minimum waiting-period from the filing of a petition to the finalization of a divorce is 60 days.

Dallas Divorce Attorneys Walking You Through the Process

It is important to understand that, while the divorce process will generally proceed in a certain timeline, the unique factors involved in every case will influence precisely how the process works. When the divorce is contested or when children are present, for example, these matters must be addressed with your personal interests in mind.

Here at Mathur Law Offices, P.C., we encourage you to find specific information about the ways in which your divorce process will work by requesting an in-depth case evaluation with a Dallas divorce lawyer from our firm. Find out exactly what you can expect and how our legal team can be of assistance.

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  • Dear Mr. Mathur: I want to thank you and Anamika at Mathur Law Offices in representing me in my divorce case and getting me the desired result. They are very trustworthy and put in effort and time to understand your legal needs to achieve the best for you. I highly recommend them.

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