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A divorce decree is not just a divorce decree when there are kids. The decree, or child custody order, serves as an outline of how the children will be raised and what they may experience from both parents. Clients are encouraged to discuss their concerns with their lawyer to forecast what issues may arise and work out rules and solutions to them in the decree. This will allow the child to have a more stable and productive environment as well as provide conflict resolution tools to prevent disruption in the child's two households.

What Factors Must Be Considered When Creating a Child Custody Order?

As such, clients are encouraged to consider the following factors with their lawyer and to include or omit provisions as may be tailored to their case, their needs and that may advantage their position at later points in time.

These are some of the issues clients should discuss with their lawyer at an appointment or during a phone conference:

  1. Right of first refusal
  2. Non disparagement clause
  3. Morality clause
  4. Visitation and special circumstances
  5. Parenting Facilitator or Parenting Coordinator
  6. International abduction provisions
  7. Passport provisions
  8. Travel itineraries disclosures
  9. Long distance exchanges - airport exchanges
  10. Surrendering location or exchange locations
  11. Persons authorized for pick-up or drop offs
  12. Decision making on major issues
  13. Special needs of the child
  14. Telephone and electronic communication access
  15. Mediation clauses to solve future disputes
  16. Medical information access and decision making
  17. Extra-curricular activities, payment and decision making
  18. Health insurance
  19. Choice of schools
  20. Geographic restrictions on residence and visitation
  21. Child support and payment
  22. Religious holiday exchanges
  23. Extended vacation exchanges and rights
  24. Web based child management program clauses
  25. Insurance to cover child support if parent dies

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Because each of these topics require lengthy and detailed explanation, no attempt to explain or understand these concepts will be made by email or in lengthy written form. Instead, these concepts require an "old fashioned discussion" between the lawyer and the client. Thereafter, the lawyer can tailor the final documents so that the rights of the client and the upbringing of the child or children are duly protected.

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