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Dallas Bribery Lawyer

Defending Against Bribery Charges in Texas

In the complex landscape of legal matters, Mathur Law Offices, P.C. stands as a beacon of expertise and unwavering commitment to justice. If you are entangled in a bribery charge, our Dallas bribery attorneys are here to provide the legal guidance and defense you need.

Call Mathur Law Offices, P.C. today at (888) 867-5191 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our bribery attorney in Dallas.

What is Bribery?

Bribery is a serious offense that involves the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value with the intent to influence the actions of an official or other person in a position of authority. This can include public officials, private individuals, or even jurors. The key elements of bribery include the exchange of something valuable and the intent to influence the recipient's behavior.

Bribery can take various forms, such as:

  • Cash Payments: Direct exchange of money to influence a decision or action.
  • Gifts or Favors: Offering valuable items or services to sway someone's decision.
  • Promises of Future Benefits: Committing to providing advantages in the future in exchange for cooperation.
  • Extortion: Forcing someone to act in a certain way by threatening to reveal damaging information.

What are the Penalties for Bribery in Texas?

Bribery offenses in Texas carry severe consequences, with penalties varying based on the specific circumstances of each case. It is essential to be aware of the potential repercussions, which may include:

  • Criminal Charges: Bribery charges can result in serious criminal penalties, including fines, probation, and imprisonment.
  • Professional Consequences: Professionals convicted of bribery may face disciplinary actions, loss of licenses, or damage to their professional reputation.
  • Civil Penalties: Individuals found guilty of bribery may also be subject to civil penalties, including monetary fines.
  • Asset Forfeiture: Courts may order the forfeiture of assets acquired through or used in connection with bribery.

Defenses Against Bribery Charges

Building a robust defense is crucial when facing bribery charges. Potential defenses against bribery charges may include:

  • Lack of Intent: Demonstrating that there was no intent to influence the recipient's actions can be a powerful defense.
  • Entrapment: If law enforcement induced the bribery, it may be possible to argue entrapment as a defense.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Challenging the prosecution's evidence and establishing its insufficiency can be a key defense strategy.
  • Duress: Proving that the defendant acted under duress or coercion can be a valid defense in certain situations.

Contact Our Bribery Attorney in Dallas Today

If you are facing bribery charges, the consequences can be severe and life-altering. Time is of the essence, and securing experienced legal representation is crucial to protecting your rights and building a robust defense. Mathur Law Offices, P.C. is ready to stand by your side, providing unwavering support and leveraging our legal expertise to navigate the complexities of your case.

Our Dallas bribery lawyers are dedicated to upholding the principles of justice, ensuring that your side of the story is heard and that you receive a fair and impartial legal process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing the comprehensive legal representation you deserve in the face of these charges.

Contact Mathur Law Offices, P.C. today to get started with our Dallas bribery lawyer.

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