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Fraud Defense Attorney in Dallas

Facing Fraud Allegations in Texas?

As a legal term, fraud refers to any intentional deception that is made for personal gain and/or harms others (physically, financially, or emotionally). There are a number of unique criminal offenses that can be classified as fraud, as well as several civil law violations. The primary legal elements that the prosecution will focus on in any fraud case are a person's willful deception and the value of money, property, and/or services obtained by fraudulent actions.

Types of Fraud

Although not a new crime by any means, fraud has evolved as our society, technology, and commerce have changed throughout the years. Now, seemingly more than ever, consumers, business professionals, corporations, and the government are all plagued by fraud. The proliferation of fraud crimes has sparked widespread efforts to create legislation, increase enforcement, and gain convictions.

Texas law enforces many fraud laws, including some of the most common:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Welfare fraud (fraudulently obtaining government benefits)
  • Bank fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud committed as internet crimes
  • Counterfeiting and criminal simulation
  • Civil law fraud, including fraud committed in business settings
  • Income tax fraud

Penalties for fraud vary considerably depending on the nature of the crime and the value of the goods, services, or money fraudulently obtained. Crimes such as criminal simulation, which may include altering an object for sale to make it appear or worth differently that what it is, is typically a Class A misdemeanor. Credit card fraud, on the other hand, is usually a state jail felony. In cases in which fraud is committed against government or financial institutions, alleged offenders may face more serious federal charges.

Just as with any theft crime, the value of whatever was fraudulently obtained and a person's criminal record will weigh heavily into sentencing terms. Other aggravating circumstances, including fraud crimes committed against elderly individuals, may also lead to heightened charges and penalties.

Regardless of what your allegations may entail, working with Dallas criminal defense attorneys that can offer you a wide breadth of experience, a multi-disciplinary approach (including backgrounds in civil and business law), and extensive resources can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

How Our Dallas Fraud Defense Lawyers Can Help

Equipped with decades of criminal defense experience, our legal team, helmed by Mr. Sanjay Mathur, is prepared to handle a variety of fraud cases. We possess the insight to guide you safely through legal proceedings, the will and determination to work meticulously on your case, the resources and connections to conduct investigations, and the skills to advocate intelligently and aggressively on your behalf.

We know that while the laws must always be applied to the unique facts of your case, our legal versatility enables us to extrapolate and focus on the essential legal elements and disprove them in your favor.

Some of the most important legal element we focus on when handling fraud cases include:

  • The existing fact or situation at hand
  • The defendant's knowledge of a false/deceptive/misleading fact
  • The defendant's intent to have another act upon their fraud

By focusing intently on these and other elements, our legal team will be fully prepared to provide clear, convincing evidence that disables the prosecution's case. It is up to the prosecution to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and our focus on creating proactive legal solutions can allow our firm to secure the most favorable resolutions.

Request a Consultation to Discuss Your Case

We invite anyone interested in learning more about the fraud charges they face to schedule a case evaluation with a Dallas fraud defense attorney from our firm. Allow our legal team to fully analyze your case and explain the ways in which we can help. As time is of the essence, and because your rights must be protected from the beginning of your legal journey, we urge you not to delay in obtaining the experienced support and advice you need. Protect your freedom.

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