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Facing Criminal Charges in Dallas?
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Facing Criminal Charges in Dallas?

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When you are facing criminal charges, it is essential to your case that you are aware of your rights.

One of the most important things you can do to win your case is to stop talking. When you talk to the police about any portion of your case, you may already be giving up strategies that could win your case. For example, explaining that you were at the scene of a crime, but saying that you were not involved in the crime may not help you.

It may be that your attorney decides that the police cannot even put you at the scene, much less prove your involvement. By telling the police that you were there and not involved, you have given up the right to make the police prove that you were there to begin with. Now, your trial becomes about the fact that you say were not involved, when it could have been about proving that you were even there.

Defending Against Criminal Charges in Texas

Do not waste time. Contact a Dallas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested and / or charged.

Most people wait until the police arrest them, charge them, and they have a court date before calling lawyers. This is a bad strategy. Once you are in a courtroom, a prosecutor has already been assigned to your case and guess what their job is? That is right, prosecute! And who are they going to prosecute now? You! This means that your case has already begun to take the downhill toward a trial. Your lawyer now has to prepare for and perhaps have a trial in your case to fight the prosecutor who is intent on gaining a conviction.

Trials are expensive, time consuming, and do not produce certain results. If your lawyer can avoid the prosecutor's ability to go to trial by preventing charges from being filed, you may save thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. At the Mathur Law Offices, P.C., our legal team has been successful at avoiding and mitigating charges.

Sometimes a good lawyer who gets involved early can get a case dismissed. Dismissals happen three ways:

  • An agreement by the prosecutor and defense attorney to dismiss the case
  • A judge dismisses the case because of insufficient evidence to go to trial, such as a witness not showing on the date of trial or certain evidence being inadmissible
  • A defense attorney moves for a dismissal because of a legal defect in the case

If a case is brought to a lawyer's attention early after the events leading to the accusation occurred, the lawyer will have a better chance at all three forms of dismissal. Our office has been particularly successful at dismissals in all three ways; you can be confident knowing we will go the distance to protect you.

Get legal representation in your criminal case. Contact a Dallas criminal defense Lawyer at our firm as soon as possible for a case evaluation!

  • Thank you so much for your hard work and effort getting me out from the jail time and legal mess. You are like God to me for giving me new life. Thank you so much!

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